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Many Celebrities get Blepharoplasty and Plastic Surgery

Celebrities in Hollywood are not shy to admit that yes, they had surgery on their upper and lower eyelids to keep their eyes, and entire appearance, young and refreshed.  A few years ago, Actor George Clooney admitted to the press that he underwent a blepharoplasty procedure, and seemed very satisfied with the disappearance of the […]

Plastic Surgery Among Men on the Rise

European men and women are often praised by Americans for being fashion-forward and glamorous, spotting trends earlier than us in the United States.  Now, a recent study from Europe shows that men in Europe have picked up on the next trend: male cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery is on the rise among men in Europe who […]

Do doctors in Pennsylvania do their own botox?

In the Archives of Plastic Surgery, (Jan/Feb 2012 issue) plastic surgeons, and dermatologists were surveyed about who does their botox and fillers (restylane + juvederm) for wrinkles. Approximately 70% of the surveyed doctors say they have used botox and 40% of them have been injected with fillers. The doctors actually injected themselves about 50% of the […]

The Major Steps in an Ear Pinback Procedure

Ear pinback, or “ear pinning”, or otoplasty is the most common cosmetic ear procedure. The surgery reduces the prominence of one or both ears, issues that can lead to confidence and self-image problems in both children and adults. But what actually happens before, during, and after the procedure? Let’s take a closer look. Dr Kole places […]

Modern Liposuction Procedure Made Easy in Pennsylvania

If you’ve been feeling dissatisfied with your life and think you might want a change, it just might be your physical body that is the root cause. Whether you have acquired crow’s feet over the years or gained some additional weight, your looks can have a lot to do with your happiness and satisfaction with […]

What You Need to Know About Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery

This week we’ve been discussing the differences between a traditional tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck, including which part of the abdomen is affected and what the ultimate outcome of the procedures are. But we haven’t yet talked about mini tummy tuck recovery. Typical recovery for a mini tummy tuck After surgery, patients are […]

Can Being a Parent Decrease Your Risk of Catching a Cold?

Kids get colds, and usually everyone in the family then shares in the misery. But recent research suggests that the risk of becoming sick after being exposed to cold viruses is less in those who are parents. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University used data from studies of how stress and other factors affect vulnerability to […]

A New Study Gives Pennsylvania an “F” for an Obese Future

A new study by Trust for America’s Health reveals that by 2030, 56.7% of Pennsylvania’s occupants will be obese, which is defined by professionals as being 30 or more pounds overweight. This frightening statistic is more than double the obesity rates found in a 2011 survey. Complications of obesity are abundant and include preventable diseases […]

Healthy people harbor 10,000 species of germs on their bodies

Census:  Healthy People Harbor 10,000 Species of Germs  A recent five-year study by 200 scientists from 80 research institutions has found that healthy humans can have up to 10,000 different germ species in their bodies.  These species include bacteria and fungi, and the trillions of them present in a human can add up to a […]

Recycled bras produce energy

Recycled Bras Power Japan’s Industries  Japan’s newest environmental effort takes women’s unmentionables – bras – and recycles their components.  During the recycling process, metals are extracted, and the remaining material is converted to solid fuel for industrial use. Wacoal, Japan’s largest underwear manufacturer, encourages Japanese women to recycle old garments by giving recycling bags to […]

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