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Neck Liposuction for Men in Bucks County and Philadelphia

One of the main contributors to men looking older than they are is excess fat around the neck area.  Even if the rest of your body is slim, a rounder face and neck can make you appear heavy and overweight.  For men who wear a shirt and tie to work, fat around the neck is […]

Male Breast Reduction ( gynecomastia ) in Bucks County and Philadelphia

Abnormal breast tissue can be an extremely embarrassing experience for men, but it is quite common. In fact, one of every three men has suffered to some degree from Gynecomastia, the development of abnormal breast tissue. This tissue is impossible to get rid of using diet and exercise, and the best way to fix the […]

Liposuction In Philadelphia increases Self-Esteem and Confidence

Liposuction Increases Self-Esteem and Confidence Most people have had concerns about their body shape and weight; these concerns are normal and a part of the human experience. The way that a person feels about how they look is directly connected to their self-esteem, and concerns about body appearance can lead to low self-confidence and feelings […]

Neck Bands and Neck Lifts with Baby Boomers Seeking Plastic Surgery

Walter Dowgiallo, 64, starts thinking about his looks. As it turns out, this father of four grown adults owns a company whose job is to make aesthetically pleasing packaging for Liz Claiborne and Victoria’s Secret. So why not do something to make his packaging more visually appealing? His real problem was right under his head: […]

Southampton Bucks County Plastic Surgery Can Make You an Individual

Who would Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe be without their signature moles? What about supermodels Lara Stone and Lauren Hutton without the space between their front teeth? These women would still be fabulous, but would they be the celebrities they are today? With cosmetic surgery making every feature eligible for a makeover, the ability to […]

Pennsylvania Modern Liposuction Procedure Made Easy!

Sometimes when you are thinking about a life change your body is the root cause. Whether you have acquired some crow’s feet over the years or gained some additional weight, your looks can have a lot to do with your happiness. Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon is well aware that years change bodies, and while he cannot […]

How Does a Plastic Surgeon Help a Patient Choose Implant Size

The volume of your breasts after surgery is simply what you start with plus the size of the extra volume of the breast implant. Breast implant size is determined by volume in cc’s. Final breast volume = Starting breast volume + implant volume The “right volume” for a patient is determined by their bodily proportions, […]

The Benefits Of Choosing A Saline Implant For Your Breast Enhancement

When choosing between a saline implant and a silicone implant for your breast augmentation procedure, it is vital to understand that there is not one right choice: different people have different needs and different health concerns. With that said, in this blog entry, we will focus on some of the general benefits of saline implants. […]

Male Tummy Tucks: A Growing Trend Among Males

Recent studies have shown that men in the United Kingdom have become increasingly common clients at local plastic surgeons office. This trend is one that many doctors have also seen here in the United States and specifically at our Pennsylvania plastic surgery center. Males have a desire to look their best. When they know that […]

Look your best on video chat with the “Facetime” Face lift

“Facetime” Face lift Back in the days when people communicated by mail and phone, you could speak with someone in your pajamas with no makeup and the person on the other line wasn’t any the wiser. Today, though, with new technologies like the iPhone’s Facetime and Skype, nearly all conversations can be face to face! […]

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