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Avoid a Drastic Nose Job Needing Revision Rhinoplasty in Bucks County

There is no way that you haven’t picked up a magazine or watched a star studded event and noticed immediately the amount of cosmetic surgery that celebrities have undergone, just on their faces.  One unflattering procedure that can’t be hidden is when, whether it is a celebrity, a neighbor or even a colleague, has had […]

Tips and Costs with a Mini-Tummy Tuck near Philadelphia and Bucks County

A mini tummy tuck is the mini version of the traditional tummy tuck, the surgery performed by to correct and update the look of the area surrounding the abdomen. This is achieved by removing extra fat and skin. Often this procedure is widely chosen post-pregnancy or after a large reduction in weight. This procedure achieves […]

Perfecting Your Face with a Nose Job

thinks about a lot of variables when you sit and talk to him about having a nose job. Some think it is “just a nose job”. That is not true through Dr. Kole’s eyes. Rhinoplasty, along with every procedure, is serious business when an expert is performing the procedure. At the time when Dr. Kole […]

Neck Lift Surgery Basics near Philadelphia and Bucks County area.

Neck Lift surgery is also called Platysmaplasty by plastic surgeons. A Neck Lift basically tightens muscles in the neck, removes saggy skin and extra fat deposits. It is a solution for people with sagging skin and muscles and also early onset aging necks, or a “gobble- gobble looking neck” or “turkey neck”, as it is […]

What is Ultrasonic Liposuction?

Ultrasonic liposuction is a type of liposuction procedure that utilizes sound waves to aide in the removal of excess fat from targeted areas of the body. Ultrasonic liposuction liquefies fat before removing it from the body, making it easier for surgeons to remove fat from hard-to-reach areas such as the chin, neck, and around the […]

Top Reasons to get Breast Augmentation in Pennsylvania

Many factors contribute to the size and shape of your breasts.  Aging, genetics, pregnancy, and weight fluctuation can all change the size and shape of breast tissue and result in breasts that are different and less than desirable.  Because so many women can say that they have been affected by at least one of these […]

Implant Surgery for the Chin Is On The Rise In Philadelphia

You read correctly… yes, Chin Implants.  What is the fuss about and why would anyone want or need a chin implant procedure to enhance their facial appearance.  If you don’t know then you are lucky.  Those patients that are having these surgeries report that they have had a low self-esteem and been unhappy for a […]

Breast Specialist Performs Breast Lift Surgery to Enhance Augmentations in Bucks County, PA

There are many options out there to change the shape, size, and feeling of your breasts.  While each surgical procedure has its benefits, the truth about breast surgery is that it is not always a simple solution to elect one procedure to correct numerous problems.  In fact, many individuals who are looking for fuller and […]

Costs of a Nose Job in the Bucks County and Philadelphia Area

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for nose job surgery.  Nose job surgery is one of the top five requested and performed cosmetic procedures.  Rhinoplasty fixes the aesthetic shape and also at times repair any inner nasal damage to help correct breathing problems from the septum area.  It is an interesting fact that the nose job […]

Holiday Season Is the Perfect Time for Liposuction

Dr. Edward Kole of Center in Southampton, Bucks County PA announces that the holiday season is the optimal time to get liposuction.    Summer has come and gone, and with it the need to be seen in bikinis and shorts has been replaced with comfy sweaters and warm outerwear.  Since patients are required to wear compression garments […]

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