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Revision rhinoplasty

We all are familiar with the “over-operated” look that so many celebrities and others have as a result of a botched nose job.  The truth about a rhinoplasty-gone-wrong is that it causes severe emotional distress to the individual who had hoped to improve the look of their nose and instead got the undesired result of […]

Prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery in Bucks County PA

Once you are counting down the weeks and days until your breast reduction surgery there are certain preparations to be made in order for a smooth transition into surgery. You are undergoing breast reduction to reduce the size of your breasts so that they will be in proportion with the rest of your upper body […]

Breast Lift Surgery Cost near Philadelphia and Bucks County

There are quite a few determining factors involved in breast lift surgery. Once you have determined the qualified Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who will be performing the procedure, it is important to know that your surgeon’s expertise and training will usually warrant an elevated price compared to a non-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Most often than […]

Recovering After Rhinoplasty

Many clients are concerned about post-operative recovery and want to know what to expect after a rhinoplasty. While follow-up procedures, recovery time, and potential swelling all differ depending on the individual’s procedure, here is a general description of what you can expect after your rhinoplasty. After the rhinoplasty procedure is completed, at the Center will […]

Qualifications for Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction surgery, medically termed as  Reduction Mammaplasty, is performed to decrease the measurement of your bust and shape them into a different form so that they are in proportion with your figure.  The object of Reduction Mammaplasty is also to make the breasts smaller so that they cease causing you bodily pain.  Breast reduction […]

Basics About Tummy Tuck Surgery near Philadelphia

Before surgery you will be required to have an initial complimentary consultation, in which, you should share all of your concerns, questions and expectations.  Clarify your reasons for desiring a tummy tuck and what you hope will be the outcome.  Be certain of the pros and cons and disclose any prior abdominal surgery you have […]

Recent Study Highlights Successful Advances in Blepharoplasty Techniques

A recent study conducted at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York summarizes the most modern advances in blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) techniques.  In a study evaluating 100 patients who underwent lower-lid procedures, results show that transconjunctival (incision inside the lid) laser blepharoplasty is the most common surgical procedure for the lower eyelid.  This procedure utilizes lasers to […]

Promising New Non-Surgical Treatment for Facial Tumors

A new treatment may be available for those with basal cell carcinoma. Researchers in India have developed a radiation spot treatment for these facial tumors, which are commonly caused by excessive unprotected sun exposure. This patch may be a suitable alternative to traditional treatments including surgery and radiation therapy. The P-32 patch uses a radioactive […]

Looking Great with Chin Augmentation near Philadelphia

A strong chin gives you an attractive profile and supports harmony to facial features as a whole.  A face with small chin allows the nose to prevail and confuses the visual jump the eyes make from the jawline to the neck, causing an obscure look to the bottom portion of your facial area.  In addition, […]

Southampton Pa breast surgeon helps women choose the correct breast size for their body

What breast cup size is best for me? Now that you have decided to get a breast augmentation at the Center, your next task is to figure out your ideal cup size. Many women go into consultation for their breast augmentation surgery with the idea of an ideal cup size, and while it is important […]

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The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a licensed private plastic surgical center in Southampton, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has granted this Center a license since opening in March 2005. The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a completely private center. Dr. Kole is the only surgeon who performs surgery at the center. We limit our practice exclusively to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

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