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Considering SmartLipo? Here’s What You Should Know

The cosmetic procedure of removing fatty deposits from problem areas of the body, i.e. liposuction, has become incredibly popular nowadays, among men and women of all ages. The reasons for this differ, but mostly, people who find it stressful and hard to maintain an attractive, youthful shape; opt for this surgical procedure. Many women and […]

Do You Have Flabby Arms or Are Conscious About How Your Tummy Looks Wearing A Tight Dress? Consider SmartLipo®!

You may believe that there isn’t any way to get rid of the unattractive bulges on your body, other than insane hours of exercise and keeping a very close eye on what you eat. And even then, you may not be able to achieve that beach ready body or be entirely comfortable in a tight […]

Plastic Surgery Piques the Interest of a Younger Generation

Marketing campaigns and social media are targeting the younger generation as a way to increase revenue for clothing, skin care and cosmetics.  The result is that today’s youth is exposed to dual pressures from peers and marketing to look perfect, have the newest technology and wear the latest fashions.  Plastic surgery is also on the […]

Hollywood Derrieres Give Butt Augmentation a Boost

Television, music and movie celebrities are some of the most influential trendsetters in the world.  With just one photo, these icons introduce both subtle and dramatic statements with their bodies, clothing, hairstyles, automobiles, lifestyles and much more.  One of the most recent influences to come out of Hollywood is a curvaceous bottom. Thanks in part […]

Monthly Newsletter – June 2015

Dr. Kole discusses how Hollywood derrieres have given butt augmentation a boost and how plastic surgery piques the interest of a younger generation.  Read more on this months hot topics.

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