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Turkey Neck? Try the Laser Neck lift!

The better alternative in question is known as Precision TX and to explain it simply, this Laser Neck lift is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure that uses laser technology to remove fat from trouble areas instead of using traditional liposuction surgery. Such easy removal of fat might not have been as easy a couple of years […]

Causes and Treatment of Brown Spots and Melasma

One of the most common complaints that skin care professionals, plastic surgeons and dermatologists hear about is uneven pigmentation, second only to aging and acne scars. Did you know that all three conditions are related to each other, as well as to a myriad of other skin problems that generally start to affect people after […]

Look Younger with a Male Facelift in Philadelphia, PA

A successful way to reverse unwanted signs from stress, aging and sun exposure is to undergo a male facelift. Because men have experienced accelerated facial aging during different times in their adult lives, there is not one perfect time to begin contemplating a male facelift. If you are overly or even mildly concerned about enhancing […]

Is There An Alternative to Facelift Surgery?

It’s not always age that is responsible for making our skin sag or droop, but rather, environmental factors can also be taken into account. At times, the simple force of gravity can cause the skin around your lower face and neck to droop, resulting in a face that is not as youthful and taut as […]

The Recovery Period of Cellulaze by Cynosure for Cellulite Removal Explained

People who are tired of cellulite and wish to get rid of it often undergo a number of superficial treatments, which don’t provide results. Cellulaze on the other hand, is a treatment that will treat and remove cellulite from the trouble areas of your body with ease. Developed by Cynosure, this treatment is basically a […]

Unwanted Ink? PicoSure Will Remove It For You!

According to estimates, over half of all the women and nearly half of the men who are between the ages of 18-45 have had a tattoo. This is nothing compared to the statistics of those individuals who heavily regret their tattoos, and aim to have them removed. This means that there’s more of a chance […]

Your Ex Doesn’t Have To Be A Constant Reminder! Have the Dreaded Tattoo Removed As Painlessly and Effortlessly As Possible

Imagine this scenario: You are invited to a summer wedding, and the forecast told by the weatherman doesn’t even make sense. To top it off, the wedding is a semi-formal affair that is very much likely to be held outdoors, in the sweltering heat. It’s expected that you would want to wear something loose and […]

Choosing Between Liposuction and CoolSculpting™

One of the most desired aesthetic improvements amongst men and women is the removal of excess fat that causes embarrassing bulges on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, back and other areas of the body. Liposuction is the most traditional method for removing fat, but with advances in techniques; you have a choice of how Dr. […]

Understanding Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons

One of the most common questions we are asked by men and women is, “What is the difference between a plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon?” At first, these surgeons seem to carry out the same medical roles, but each serves a unique purpose. Reconstructive Procedures and Aesthetic Procedures “Plastic surgery” is an umbrella term that […]

Monthly Newsletter – September 2015

Dr. Kole discusses Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons as well as how to choose between Liposuction and CoolSculpting. Read More to learn which option is best for you. Do not miss out on Our Obagi special… 20% Off September ONLY .

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