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How to Get a Flawless Skin Tone without Breaking the Bank?

Women hitting their prime years, often dream of having flawless skin, that’s free from blemishes, brown spots and wrinkles. To achieve such perfect skin, they undergo various procedures and treatments, both natural and medical; that promise instant results but cause a big dent in their wallet. For this sole reason, such procedures and treatments have […]

I Am Considering Precision TX For Troubled Areas On My Neck and Jawline. Am I A Good Candidate?

We cannot deny the reality of ageing but this is one reality that many of us don’t appreciate. Why? Because the fat pockets that are responsible for bringing about youthful fullness to our faces, shrink and descend as we edge closer and closer to old age. Bone and muscle mass is also lost, while our […]

Is There A Way To Permanently Remove Dark Brown Spots From My Face?

Don’t you just love the glow of your face that accompanies a day well spent on the beach, soaking up the sun? However, at times, you do get more sun than you expected, in the form of blotchy spots that aren’t very attractive to look at. What is this? And even more importantly, how do […]

The best way to remove a Multicolored Tattoo?

It might have been a good idea at the time, to get a multi-colored tattoo and that too, in a place where it can’t be hidden, but the initial buzz of the tattoo wore off and now you are regretting the decision. Or, you wish to have a segment of the tattoo removed but multi-colored […]

Can You Control Facial Aging?

People from all over the world try to combat aging, and there are products as well as treatments that promise to help. Are they effective at putting a person in charge of how fast or slow they age, though? The answer is a combination of “yes” and “no”. What Cannot Be Controlled Although skin wrinkling, […]

Monthly Newsletter – October 2015

Do I have hyperhidrosis? Dr. Kole discusses how to understand and treat Excessive Sweating. He also goes in depth about ways to Control Facial Aging… Do not miss out on the information in this months newsletter!

Excessive Sweating: Best Treatment Options for Hyperhidrosis

One unique biological aspect of all humans is that we sweat. Some people sweat far more than average, however, and reach a level of constant perspiration that negatively impacts business and social interactions, leading to embarrassment and shame. If you find yourself sweating far more than other people, there is a good chance that you […]

Male Tummy Tucks in Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA

One of the toughest parts of a man’s body to remain toned is the abdomen and ‘love handle’ area, despite sit-ups and crunches.  Genetic pre-disposition and age can make it difficult for anyone to stave off unyielding fat pockets and loose skin.  Abdominoplasty, the medical term for tummy tuck surgery, is one of the most […]

Finally; a Treatment for Cellulite That Really Works!

No matter what they try, people can’t seem to get rid of cellulite, because not only is cellulite stubborn but also clingy. So, in the end, you will only become frustrated with all the efforts you have made. The problem in this regard is that there are some factors that you have absolutely no control […]

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