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Other Uses for Botox®

Botox® is one of the most commonly known anti-aging treatments worldwide. This product has exploded, in the last decade, as the most frequently used treatment for non-surgical skin care solutions. The reason for its immense popularity is due to the simplicity and effectiveness of Botox®. However, this revolutionary product was not originally intended for incredible […]

Summertime Face Care Musts

Everyone loves the summer season! Who doesn’t feel much happier when summer comes around. It’s the season completely devoted to leisure and good times with the people you love. One of the best parts of the summer season is spending time in the sun’s warm rays and daytime summer activities tend to bring a lot […]

What is the Best Age for a Facelift?

Plastic surgery, of any kind, is a highly personal decision. It is important that you are ready emotionally, physically and financially before committing to plastic surgery. Patients who are fully prepared and understand what surgery can and can not do for them will have better aesthetic outcomes. There is no “perfect” age to have a […]

Loose Skin Solutions

If you have tried everything to get into shape but are still not satisfied with your appearance due to extra or loose skin, it may be time to schedule a complimentary consultation with . No amount of diet or exercise will rid your body of excess skin, and this can be frustrating to women or […]

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The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a licensed private plastic surgical center in Southampton, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has granted this Center a license since opening in March 2005. The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a completely private center. Dr. Kole is the only surgeon who performs surgery at the center. We limit our practice exclusively to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

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