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Can Men Get Six-Pack Abs with Lipo?

Can Liposuction Help You Get Chiseled Abs? Undergoing plastic surgery was once considered something that only women did, but this has been changing over the past several years. In 2016 alone, men accounted for over one million surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. At The Kole Plastic Surgery Center, we are well aware of this trend. […]

How To Prepare For Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring Surgery

Preparing for Body Contouring Surgery After Weight Loss At the Kole Plastic Surgery Center in Bucks County, we know that few things bring more satisfaction than losing a lot of weight. It generally makes you visually look better, and shedding excess pounds can make you look, feel and be healthier. Our plastic surgery team also […]

Facing the Facts About Male Body Satisfaction

People often make the mistake of assuming that issues with body image are solely for women. That couldn’t be further from the truth, however. There are countless males all around the planet who have serious issues that relate to satisfaction and their physiques. Men often look in the mirror and at photographs only to feel […]

What Causes An Uneven Skin Tone & How To Fix It

What is Hyperpigmentation? It’s hard to overlook the importance of our skin when it comes to our appearance. The saying that “beauty is only skin deep” reminds us of this. Skin discoloration can be an issue that negatively affects your appearance. Hyperpigmentation is a condition where you develop darkened spots on your skin. This is […]

Dealing With Body Image Issues

All people have varying opinions of how strangers look when they’re in public. Some people think positively of a person’s appearance while others think negatively of the same person. Someone who suffers with body image issues will always think negatively when he or she looks in the mirror. Learn more about this condition and the […]

What It’s Like to Get a Breast Reduction

If you’re a woman who desires smaller breast, you’re not alone. There have been more than 112,000 breast reduction surgeries performed in the United States since 2012, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). So while the trend may be to go up in breast size, having larger breast does not seem […]

Love Your Body After Major Weight Loss

At the Kole Plastic Surgery Center, we know there are few things more exhilarating than the feeling you get after successfully losing a lot of weight. Sometimes, this weight loss is very gradual, which can give your skin time to naturally rebound from when it became stretched to accommodate the previously accumulated fat. If you […]

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The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a licensed private plastic surgical center in Southampton, Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has granted this Center a license since opening in March 2005. The Kole Plastic Surgery Center is a completely private center. Dr. Kole is the only surgeon who performs surgery at the center. We limit our practice exclusively to cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

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