As plastic surgery procedures become more mainstream for patients of all ages, some of you may be considering a gift of cosmetic procedures for your friends and family. For someone who has been desperately trying to find a way to afford the cost, gifting plastic surgery can be well-received. But if you know someone who occasionally or never mentions changing their face or body, we advise that you be cautious with the gift of paying for procedures. But how do you know when gifts of plastic surgery will be well-received and when they will be insulting and embarrassing?

Tips for Gifting Plastic Surgery

The following tips from Dr. Kole regarding gifts of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures ensure that the experience is exciting, generous and heartfelt for both you and the recipient.

  1. Avoid recommending treatments and procedures that address problems that your friend or a loved one has never mentioned. In these cases, the gift can be perceived as a suggestion that the person is unattractive or somehow flawed.
  2. Listen closely to how often your friend or family member talks about wanting a specific body contouring procedure or correct a part of their face. This is the perfect opportunity to give a gift of a consultation and financial support for the procedure.
  3. Never offer to pay for surgery when your friend or family member has not had a personal consultation with a board-certified surgeon. The consultation not only helps the person understand the outcomes of the procedure, but also the risks and complications associated with surgery.
  4. Gift certificates and promises to pay should only be offered when an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon is part of the plan. Only use a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure best and safe results.
  5. Look for several board-certified plastic surgeons in your area. Check out their Google reviews and asks friends and family for recommendations. Never make someone feel as if they must or should go with the surgeon that you have chosen. This is another way that a personal consultation helps with the process. People who undergo plastic surgeon need to have a trusting and personal connection with the surgeon, so give your friend or family member several options.

One final thought — as with any other type of gift, plastic surgery should be something that your friend or family member wants on their own rather than something that you want for them. If you are unsure about gifting plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, feel free to contact our office to discuss the situation. We will provide objective advice to help you decide if gifting plastic surgery is the right choice.