Cellulite is a common problem these days and you will seldom find anyone who is not complaining about it. The alarming factor about this problem is that it has no apparent cause, many types and can happen to anyone, no matter what age or sex one belongs to. This problem evolves slowly and can affect any part of the body; with a person often falling victim to more than one type of cellulite.

It is however, important to know the type and stage of cellulite so that appropriate measures can be done to eliminate it from the body. Here are the three types of the cellulite you might not be aware of:

Smooth Cellulite

This type of cellulite is soft to the touch and gives a wobbly appearance to the skin. It affects areas where there is a buildup of fat and is accompanied by spider veins or varicose veins. The affected area wobbles and jiggles as a person moves around. It increases with age, weight gain and is provoked by lack of physical activity.

The affected skin gets a gelatinous appearance and the area becomes more prominent while lying down.

Age of onset and affected areas: It targets more women than men of ages between 30 and 40. The areas that are commonly affected include thighs, arms, and buttocks.

Solid Cellulite

Also known as hard cellulite, it is usually the first noticeable sign of cellulite. The affected skin becomes tight, grainy or dimpled with orange peel like appearance. The affected areas do not move during the body’s movement, as the skin is firmly attached to the hardened area.

The pitted skin becomes compact and sensitive; often painful to the touch.

Age of onset and affected area: It may start as early as in one’s adolescence and without treatment, becomes impossible to eliminate. Also, young women get more affected by it than the elderly. The most targeted parts are outer areas of thighs and hips, back side of the neck and inner knees.

Edematous Cellulite

It is the least common type of cellulite and also the most clingy and difficult to remove. It is triggered from poor blood circulation and is aggravated by fluid retention in the body. The affected areas become spongy and numb and painful when sitting in the same position for long.

The skin takes the appearance of foam-rubber, showing signs of lymphatic insufficiency.

Age of onset and affected areas: It occurs in people who are 20 to 30 years old; however it may affect people of a higher age group too. Thighs, ankles and knees are mostly affected by this type of cellulite.

Solution to Cellulite

Those who are affected by this issue can understand how difficult it is to get rid of. No amount of exercise and home remedies prove to be of any use. Thankfully, now, we do have professionals offering safe medical treatments. These treatments use minimally-invasive technology and have negligible downtime for removal of cellulite. The newest revolutionary treatment is called Cellulaze by Cynosure. With Cellulaze, a small laser fiber is inserted under the skin under local anesthesia and the cellulite’s fibrous bands and fat herniation is lasered and destroyed and when it heals it leaves you a smooth skin appearance with little down time and small incisions.

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