How we all despise the lumpiness dwelling under the surface of our skins diagnosed as cellulite! Try as much as you like, once you have the stubborn cellulite at any part of your body, there is no way around it other than treatments. Even being blessed with a rocking toned-up body is no guarantee that you will never have cellulite. The issue often–if not always–turns out to be hereditary, handed down from your ancestors.

Cellulite has a more affectionate relation with women; more than 80 % of the population been “smooched” by it. No wonder women celebrities like Maria Menounos, Jennifer Lopez, and countless others are cursed by the evil. Regardless, cellulite is in no way a celebrity trend you would want to follow, now would you?

If you are lucky enough to have a cellulite free body, its important you know all the causes of this trouble so you can keep yourself save from it in future.

Fad Diets

Yes, those magical 3-day or 7-day diets that promise you a super hot body come with much more than you have bargained for. These diets may or may not live up to the claims they boast, but they sure do bless you with stubborn cellulite. Quick weight loss can result in cellulite.

Slow Metabolism

Metabolism is a rate at which our body converts food into energy. A slow metabolism will make one feel lethargic, fooling you into thinking that you are hungry. You will snack on more often which will ultimately lead to weight issues, resulting in you being overweight. And we all know weight gain and cellulite go hand in hand.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal balance is necessary for a healthy body. Unbalanced lifestyle may lead to hormonal imbalance. Once the system is disturbed, you face a multitude of problems, with cellulite trouble topping the list. Increased levels of estrogen and insulin are said to trigger the cellulite production in the body.

Improper Diet

Ignoring the importance of proper diet is like giving the green light for diseases to attack your body. Grabbing whatever you may get on the way to work, without considering its sugar, carbohydrate and fat content, you are inviting cellulite to form its habitat under your skin. The more processed, sugary and low fiber diet you eat, the more chances you have of being affected by cellulite. One should always keep a balance food intake, with more emphasis on fruits, raw vegetables and lean proteins.


Many of you might not have seen it coming but clothing plays a vital role in both increasing and masking the level of cellulite present in your body. It’s a lesser known fact that wearing fitted underpants with tight elastic across the waist limits the blood flow in the area and gives way to cellulite formation.

Luckily, we do have effective treatments for this problem, laser cellulite treatment being the best among them. Laser treatments, such as Cellulaze, are rapidly gaining popularity because of their effectiveness and minimally-invasive technology. However, it is recommended to get this treatment only from the experts in the industry, as unprofessional treatment can lead to dire consequences.

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