Dr. Edward Kole of Kole Plastic Surgery Center in Southampton, Bucks County PA announces that the holiday season is the optimal time to get liposuction.    Summer has come and gone, and with it the need to be seen in bikinis and shorts has been replaced with comfy sweaters and warm outerwear.  Since patients are required to wear compression garments for up to two weeks after liposuction, winter is the perfect time to do the procedure since the garments can be easily hidden under full-coverage clothing.  Additionally, long sleeves and pants will hide any bruising that occurs after liposuction and will also protect the fragile skin from any sun exposure during recovery.  You will be beach-ready long before summer if you opt for liposuction this winter!

In addition to the practical reason to get liposuction during a season when clothing can hide recovering bruises, winter also brings the holiday season.  While we recover from Thanksgiving and prepare for the winter holidays, many individuals are worried about putting on extra pounds and are ramping up dieting and exercise in preparation of holiday feasts.  During this time of motivation to remain slim in the face of temptation, many individuals are opting for liposuction as additional motivation and a permanent fix to those extra winter pounds.  Unlike diet and exercise, liposuction can sculpt areas of the body where fat is difficult to burn and is a permanent solution to excess fat deposits in tough-to-reach areas than a few extra pre-Christmas crunches.

Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess fat from areas of the body using small tubes called cannulas.  Some of the most common areas to get liposuction are the stomach, flanks, arms, and neck.  Liposuction is a common procedure that requires approximately two weeks of recovery time and causes patients minimal discomfort after the procedure.  For those who elect to get liposuction as a pre-holiday procedure, they can be back to their normal activities by New Years Eve.

Dr. Kole is experienced in a variety of liposuction techniques and procedures, and is well known in the Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia Pennsylvania area for obtaining great-looking results from cosmetic procedures.

If you are interested in getting liposuction during this holiday season or would like to give the gift of a cosmetic procedure to a loved one, contact Dr. Kole for a consultation at 215-315-7655.  You can also request a copy of our free book: Cosmetic Surgery: The Risks and Rewards written for patients by Dr. Kole.