Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States. Over 500,000 procedures are performed

each year. But there are still many huge misconceptions about who can get the procedure and what the results will be. We now clarify the 5 most common myths regarding liposuction procedures.

Myth  # 1   Patients have to be close to their ideal weight.

Many surgeons tell their patients to be within 10-15 lbs of their ideal weight for the best results. This is absolutely a myth. This excludes a tremendous amount of potential patients that could achieve life changing results from liposuction. The key to getting good results is to have realistic expectations about what is possible given each persons body type.

Myth # 2    When the fat is removed your skin will sag.

The truth is that once the fat is removed the skin will retract to a similar state prior to having liposuction. In other words, if you have tight skin before liposuction, you will have tight skin after liposuction. If you have loose skin before, you will have loose skin after. There are

many people that are happy to have a significant reduction in size after liposuction, look better in their clothes and give up a little skin looseness.

Myth # 3   Liposuction is only for small areas.

False. Liposuction is simply the removal of excess unwanted fat from under the skin. The procedure can be done on any part of the body with excess fat. These include the chin, neck, arms, back, armpit area, abdomen and pubic area, “love handles”, “man boobs”, hips, inner and outer thighs, buttock and calves.

Myth #4  You will gain the weight back after liposuction.

The fat cells that you have now will get larger or smaller based on your weight fluctuations. Since liposuction is the permanent removal of fat cells in an area and about 50% to 80% of the fat cells are removed from the liposuction procedure, it is possible that some of the remaining fat cells will get larger if you gain weight after liposuction. But, it is more difficult to gain weight in the liposuctioned area because there are significantly reduced numbers of fat cell remaining in the area to get larger.

Myth # 5   Liposuction requires weeks of recovery.

That may have been true in the 1980’s, but now with the use of the tumescent liposuction technique, most patients are able to return to work in only a few days time. Surely, you will be sore after the procedure but not incapacitated. and most people can resume physical activity at two weeks time. The swelling is anticipated to decrease rapidly in the first two weeks and be completely gone by about 3 months.

It is true that “ideal” candidates for liposuction get great results, but for the other 98% of us, that have excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise can also get dramatic results.

Liposuction can help you attain the results you are looking for.

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