After just finishing your mini-tummy tuck surgery, one of the last things you want is the return of the fat removed from your lower abdominal area.  In order to help maintain a slim abdomen, try to participate in a combination of cardio and non-aerobic exercises for approximately 30 minutes three times a week.  Prior to starting any exercise routine after your procedure, ask Dr. Edward S. Kole.  While exercising if you experience any pain, pulling or tenderness you should stop and let Dr. Kole know.

When performing a mini-tummy tuck, the incision is performed in the lowest part of the abdomen in order to achieve maximum results with loose skin and muscle beneath your belly button.  Because of the incision, Dr. Kole will instruct you not to lift anything heavy or exercise immediately after your procedure.  Usually 4-6 weeks post-op when you see Dr. Kole he will discuss if it is okay to begin with your exercising based on your healing and progression.

Minimal movement and limited exercise is normally permitted after your mini-tummy tuck surgery.  Light aerobic activity such as gentle walking is positive due to the reduction of risk in the possibilities of blood clots, swelling and soreness subsides quicker.  Light walking is encouraged in the very beginning because it is very rare that sutures will tear and internal bleeding will occur.

Because a mini-tummy tuck is not as extensive or invasive as a full tummy tuck, recovery is a bit quicker and usually exercise may begin sooner.  Depending on your level of activity prior to surgery will be a good gauge, for you and Dr. Kole, when determining how soon to attempt your strength training involving abdominal exercises.  When starting back up with conditioning your abdominal area you need to begin with easy moves.  Dr. Kole considers easy moves being certain types of manageable single leg stands and some squatting.

When squatting, the proper positioning is to keep your body upright with both legs apart while keeping your hips and back straight.  Then bend only your knees until you are in a squatted position and focus on internally squeezing your abs together.  Remain in that proper form and gently stand up straight again.  When starting with the single leg move, again you must stand straight with your legs separated.  Squeeze your internal abs while lifting the leg of your choice from the floor.  Once that leg is approximately 2-5 inches from the floor you must keep it in that position for 12 seconds.  Slowly place your leg down.  Repeat with the other leg.

Eventually you will become more comfortable and conditioned enough to do more yet not quite fully healed.  There are exercises such as planks that you may do in a modified form, as well as bridges.  Be assured that your fat will not grow back after your mini-tummy tuck if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet.  These basic starter exercises will help keep your lower abdomen conditioned while on the mend from surgery and remember that muscle has memory.  It is best that you don’t damage any of the surgical work that has been performed and find a happy middle by starting out with the suggestions above.  Your shape will be everything you envisioned and more.

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