A mini tummy tuck is the mini version of the traditional tummy tuck, the surgery performed by Dr. Edward S. Kole to correct and update the look of the area surrounding the abdomen. This is achieved by removing extra fat and skin. Often this procedure is widely chosen post-pregnancy or after a large reduction in weight. This procedure achieves an abdominal area that is tightened and leveled. Tummy tuck procedure enhances the definition along the sides of the waist, as well.

When the majority of extra fat and skin beneath your abdominal center, by your belly button, is what you are looking to get rid of, that is when the mini-tummy tuck is great to consider. With the mini-tummy tuck procedure, incisions aren’t as long and a smaller volume of tissue, skin and fat is removed. Because it is a mini version, usually, the recovery time is quicker and easier. Liposuction of the upper abdomen and the love handles is typically performed.

Even with a mini-tummy tuck there is always some abdominal swelling. Of course each patient heals differently and the amount of swelling also is never the same. As with most procedures, there is usually some type of residual swelling or bruising. Here are some specific ways to help you keep your swelling to a minimal while healing:

  • Drink fluids frequently and remain hydrated for a full recovery
  • Keep sodium intake at a low level and eat meals that are healthy
  • Rest, rest, rest and listen to your body
  • Make a slow comeback to “normal” life
  • Follow instructions for the compression garment
  • Stay home from work for 10-12 days
  • Avoid rigorous activities for 6-8 weeks
  • Certain time frames listed may be shorter or longer—to be determined upon follow-up examinations and Dr. Kole’s personal decision
  • Give your body time to see finished results and stay relaxed

Mini-Tummy Tuck Cost Factors

The usual fee for a mini-tummy tuck is approximately $5500. That is not inclusive of anesthetic or the Licensed Ambulatory Outpatient Facility. There will never be “hidden” fees. During consultation all information is discussed and you won’t have any surprises. It is challenging to throw out a customary price due to each patient’s extent of work, measurements and specifics tailored to your procedure. When using a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon the costs are always higher in comparison to a non-Board Certified. Using a Board Certified Surgeon is of the utmost importance. There should be instant peace of mind in knowing that your plastic surgeon has a more expansive amount of training, experience and expertise. Safety is always first priority.

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