Searching for the best breast implant doctor in the Bucks County, Philadelphia PA area means that you are looking for a doctor with a combination of surgical expertise and compassion. Dr. Edward S. Kole has a successful Plastic and Reconstructive surgery practice in the Southampton, Bucks County PA using this very combination of expertise and compassion.

Patients quickly realize that as soon as they have a consultation with Dr. Kole, they will get educated about breast augmentation, have all their questions answered, get a complete examination and get advice about what can be accomplished surgically with their particular frame and assistance with their final breast size.

This is valuable to all of Dr. Kole’s breast augmentation patients, but it’s particularly important in revisionary cases that get specifically referred to Dr. Kole from other doctors.

Unanticipated Complications

Even the best breast implant doctor in the Philadelphia area as well as the rest of the country has complications. The mark of a true breast augmentation specialist is to avoid complications when possible and know how to treat complications in the early stages before they get out of control.

A common challenge in breast surgery is revision breast surgery after augmentation. Revision breast surgery can happen for many reasons:

  • Size issues– too large or too small
  • Capsular contracture- hard scarring around the breast
  • Asymmetry: unequal breast size and shape
  • Breasts too far medial (too much cleavage) or too laterally positioned near armpit area
  • Nipple position: nipples not centered on the breast or at different heights
  • Cleavage issues: too wide apart or both breasts connecting
  • Fold issues: bottoming out of the breast fold or fold too high

All of these unanticipated complications can be dealt with by an experienced breast surgeon. The usual course of action by Dr. Kole is a complete physical examination, review of the implant material and surgical placement of the implant and developing a corrective course of action that will not only correct the primary breast augmentation problem but also give the patient a non- operated look and minimize future breast problems going forward.

To schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Edward Kole concerning your breasts please call us at 215-315-7655.