Breast implants come in many sizes. The sizes are measured in cc’s and range from 150cc’s to 850cc’s.  (There are about 30cc’s in an ounce)  The final breast volume for a particular patient is the starting breast volume plus the volume of the implant added. This is a different way to think of breast size as most patients are used to only talking about cup sizes. Breast size ideally should be proportional to your particular frame and body type and look full and natural however some women prefer to look fuller and “more enhanced” .

This article will give you some ideas so that you can assist plastic surgeon Dr. Kole so together we can figure out the best breast size for your desires.


Breast implants are either shaped as round or contoured “teardrop” shaped and are filled with either saline or silicone gel.

 Find photographs of breast sizes

Look through magazines for women with approximately the same height, weight and body type that you have.

1. Find a photo of breasts that you think are too large

2. Find a photo of breasts that you think are too small

3. Find a photo of breasts that you think you will be perfect for your body

Bring these photos to your consultation with Dr. Kole

Together we will examine your breasts to determine the ideal volume to get you to the final size you desire. In the initial consultation, you will push your breasts together to help determine your idea of your perfect “cleavage” and then upward to determine the ideal “upper breast fullness” and then laterally to determine how much “side breast” that you desire. All of these maneuvers help Dr. Kole and you determine your ideal breast size.

It’s important to remember that you will not end up looking exactly like the photo but you can get close to ideal breast size with the correct implant size.

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