If you are considering breast augmentation plastic surgery, schedule adjustments most certainly need to be made. All plastic surgical procedures require some recovery time. How much work you have to miss is determined by several factors.

This article will discuss how much time off you require for breast augmentation surgery.

No surgery is risk free. To minimize risks of breast augmentation plastic surgery careful planning before and after surgery is important.  The importance of investing in a healthy and restful recovery is paramount after breast augmentation.

Factors that determine how long to take of work.

  1. Physical occupations: In jobs where heavy lifting is performed, Dr. Kole would want you to recover for full two weeks to minimize the risk of bleeding or rupturing your incisions.
  2. Pain medicine use: Narcotic medications are prescribed after a breast augmentation surgical procedure. People react differently to these medications. These medicines should be out of your system prior to making important decisions or driving.
  3. “Social” recovery time: Your breast will be swollen, tight, and painful for a few days after surgery. If you are engaged in an occupation where your breasts maybe banged into or be in close quarters with other people, you may wish to take a few extra days off until that potential situation subsides.

The first few days are the worst after a breast augmentation due to muscular spasm if the implants are placed under the muscle, swelling, and stretching of the skin. Each day after surgery the discomfort subsides and the pain is manageable with pain medicines. You will experience less pain with narcotics and this may make you believe that you can resume normal activities faster, but you should still continue to take it easy for several days. Doing anything that increases blood flow to the area, (sports, exercise, sex) can lead to bleeding until the area completely heals at two weeks time.

Does that mean I need two weeks off of work?

The answer is no. You may return to a non-strenuous job in which you will have no physical contact after the third post-operative day after your first post-op visit with Dr. Kole.

This may seem like a lot of recovery time after a breast augmentation but when it comes to recovery after a breast augmentation, you don’t want to take any chances.

This is a basic overview of what breast augmentation post-operative aftercare looks like. To get a full individualized picture, you need to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kole by calling 215-315-7655.