Many women with large breasts come into the office wanting more information about a breast lift. They are unhappy with their large and sagging breasts, and in addition feel self-conscious shopping for clothes and bras because of the way their heavy chest sags and looks in and out of clothing. Many women want to maintain the size of their breasts but want a perkier look and higher placement of breast tissue. While a breast lift does manipulate the skin of the breast to create a perkier breast, it may not be the best solution to large sagging breasts. To learn more about whether a breast lift is right for you, read the following tips:

The larger the breasts, the longer the scars

A breast lift procedure is a procedure that lifts the stretched skin around the breasts to push the breast tissue up to create a rounder, fuller-looking breast. A breast lift manipulates the skin and tightens the underlying breast tissue and skin. For women with heavy, large breasts (generally considered size full D and larger), a breast lift may only be a temporary solution, as gravity will eventually catch up to you and cause your breasts to sag again although they will never get to the preoperative degree of ptosis. The larger your breasts are, the shorter amount of time it will take for gravity to again affect the pendulousness of your breasts and do a detailed examination to determine whether breast lift surgery is an appropriate option. Since larger breasts have more skin, more skin needs to be removed during the procedure, resulting in longer scars.

Do you have back and neck pain as a result of having large breasts?

If your answer is “yes”, that is a red flag that you may need a breast reduction instead of a breast lift. Breast reduction surgery removes a volume of breast tissue from the breast, which can alleviate muscle pains, rashes under the breast, shoulder grooves as well as breathing difficulties caused by large breasts. If you are interested in reducing the mass of your breasts as well as changing the shape of the breast, a breast reduction will be your best option. Breast reduction surgery alone can also create a more youthful look to your breasts. Insurance coverage for this procedure is relatively straight forward with documentation of preoperative symptoms and determination of how much breast tissue needs to be removed for insurance approval.

Are you satisfied with the size of your breasts, or do you want smaller breasts?

As mentioned earlier, a breast lift will create a rounder and fuller-looking breast. A breast lift will result in a breast that looks just as large as the original breast, but will be only slightly smaller in volume as only the skin is removed and positioned higher up on the chest, creating a young and perky look. If you have large breasts, a breast reduction is a better option if you want to reduce the size of your breasts in addition to removing skin and breast tissue which will alleviate preoperative symptoms due to the excess weight.

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