This article will look at breast reduction. Philadelphia area Bucks County Plastic surgeon Dr. Edward S. Kole completely understands breast reduction procedures as well as the ways to get breast reduction surgery covered by your insurance plan.

Anatomy and Physiology

Early on in the teenage years large breasts can cause back, neck and shoulder discomfort as well as decreased self-consciousness. Despite this, many women do not opt to undergo breast reduction surgery because they like the way their breasts give their body contours and do not mind having a more full-figured profile. At this point in your life, the best way you can minimize the long term problems that larger breasts can reap on your body is through wearing the proper support.

Even with quality support bras, you will eventually start to notice a breast drooping. To understand what’s is happening to your breasts, you need to understand how breasts age with time, age and the effects of gravity.

The breast is anchored to your chest wall by delicate structures including, milk ducts  and glandular tissue and fine musculature and of course skin which  holds up the weight of your breast tissue.

Over time, due to the effects of increasing age and increasing time acted on by gravity as well as the increase in breast size due to pregnancy and breast feeding and weight gain, the breasts get larger. These forces act on the breast tissues and stretch the lax skin and it results in stretching of the skin and droopy breasts over time. Once the supporting muscles inside the breast tissue have been stretched and weakened, they can’t be strengthened again by any means. This leaves the droopy breast looking flat and deflated with the nipple and areola complex facing downward.

The change in the look of the breast tissues as well as wanting relief from neck, back and shoulder pain is what leads many women to undergo a breast reduction procedure. Pennsylvania and surrounding states require you to be fully informed of the risks, benefits and alternatives for breast reduction surgery through a consultation. At that time, a pre-approval from your insurance company can be applied for and complete documentation of your breast size, the amount of tissue to be removed, the scarring as well as the starting and ending cup size will be discussed.

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