This time of year, women line up to get breast augmentation to be ready to look great for beach season. Additional reasons for a breast augmentation include the following:

  •  To restore a more youthful look lost while aging
  • To get back a pre-baby body

The one common concern that always prevails is the desire for the most natural-looking results possible.

 Implant Lingo

Avoiding a “fake” look is a top concern today because many women innocently have breast procedures done by doctors with the following characteristics:

  •  Are not qualified to perform breast procedures
  • Lack the knowledge base needed to guide patients into the right procedure and right implants
  • Have little to no experience
  • Can’t get the job done for various other reasons

Board certification and specialized procedural training help to avoid these sad situations. Here’s the “lingo” or critical elements in breast augmentations:

  •  Shape – Implants come in round or teardrop shapes. Round implants create more cleavage and fullness while teardrop or stable form implants are shaped like natural breasts and slope downward.
  • Projection/Profile – Projection is the distance the implant protrudes outward from the chest. Wider chests require minimal projection while moderate projection is best suited to narrow bodies, and maximum projection offers the most fullness.
  • Texture – Textured implants are firmer than smooth ones and may not look or feel as natural depending upon patient preference.
  • Volume – The fullness of the implant. A natural look, using implants, may involve compromise on size. Too much volume has different effects on different people.
  • Placement – Implants can be placed over or under the chest muscle. Each placement has its virtues and should be well discussed with Dr. Kole before deciding on placement.

Younger vs. Mature Patients

In general, younger patients today want more volume and larger breasts while the more mature population wants to look “proportionate” but filled out (not larger) to overcome the ravages of aging. Above all, however, they want just one thing – an attractive size and pretty shape and position without looking “fake.” Nobody wants to look like they have “implants.” The right surgeon helping you make the right choices at the right time can avoid the dead giveaways so common with fake-looking implant jobs.

Natural-Looking vs. Fake-Looking Augmentations

Some breast augmentations are so good that you can’t tell they’re not the breasts you were born with (natural) while others are obvious poorly done and not natural. Five giveaways tip people off to real vs. fake breasts:

  1.  Breasts are too close together. Real breasts do not touch each other all the time unless you’re wearing a bra or tight top. Natural breasts have a normal space between them.
  2. Breasts sit too high on the chest. The top of the breast should start at the armpit. If they sit higher, they are probably fake. High-profile implants have a more pronounced look than their moderate counterparts or low-profile implants.
  3. Breasts that are too round are a dead giveaway! Breasts should more resemble pears than round watermelons.
  4. Breasts with NO natural slope are a sign of large, round implants. Natural breasts always slope downward.
  5. A GAP that keeps the breasts too far apart. This indicates implants that are too large or are placed in a pocket that is too small, causing the area between the breasts to look wide and bony.