Getting breast surgery performed can be a great decision to make, but like any surgical procedure, there is always some recovery time associated.  Being aware of what to expect with your boob job recovery, you can plan your surgical procedure around significant life events, and modify your work schedule if necessary.

What to Expect Regarding Boob Job Recovery

You course of boob job recovery will depend on the exact procedure you had done and how you recover from it. However, regardless of the breast implants used, most people face similar course of recovery. For the first couple of days after breast surgery, you will be wearing a compression garment, and you won’t be up to doing much- especially with your arms. The implants are usually placed under the chest wall muscle and this muscle goes into spasm causing discomfort.

Most people need to take off work for around a week, sometimes longer. After a week or so, you should be able to return to somewhat normal activities. You will be able to start light exercise after two weeks and are unrestricted at 4 weeks.

Minimizing Recovery

Some recovery time for any procedure especially a boob job is inevitable, but you can keep your boob job recovery to a minimum by working in advance to stay as healthy as possible before and after your plastic surgery, and by following Dr. Kole’s recommendations.

Important steps include:

  • Stop smoking. Smoking directly inhibits your body’s immune system and impairs wound healing. In addition, it puts you at a higher risk for certain post-operative complications like blood clots and pneumonia.
  • Make arrangements prior to your boob job surgery. Plan for your assistance needs, meals, care for your children, and other essential activities so that you will avoid over-exertion and undo stress.
  • Eat healthy and get plenty of rest. Surgery is stress to your body and you need to rest and eat well to allow you to heal properly. After surgery is not the time to diet.

With good planned out post-operative boob job care, you can get a boob job while spending the minimum amount of time away from your normal activities, allowing you to get the boob job surgery you want with a minimal impact on your day-to-day life.

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