Breast sagging, medically known as “ptosis”, is a naturally occurring process that occurs with aging.  Breasts are composed of fibrous and fatty tissue, and the weight of breasts, especially larger breasts, eventually are affected by gravity and begin to loose their perkiness with age. However, there are particular milestones, such as breastfeeding or major weight loss, which contributes to breast sagging and can greatly affect the shape of your breasts in a short period of time.

While pregnant, women’s breasts grow due to the increase in the estrogen hormone that sends messages to body to begin preparing for lactation.  As a woman progresses with her pregnancy, her breasts continue to grow as milk production increases, getting ready to breast feed after pregnancy.

After breastfeeding, women experience a process called “breast involution”.  This refers to the breasts shrinking after breastfeeding because milk production has stopped, as it is no longer necessary.  While the tissue within the breast shrinks, the skin surround the breast does not shrink, as it has lost some elasticity during the process of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  This results in breasts that look empty and saggy, and lacking volume and perkiness that they used to have.

While breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful process, the resulting saggy breasts may not feel so beautiful to the women it affects.  Fortunately, there are procedures that can correct ptosis and return a woman’s breasts back to their pre-pregnancy shape and size.

Breast lift surgery, known as mastopexy, is an ideal procedure to correct ptosis.  Dr. Edward S. Kole at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center in Bucks County, PA has been helping women for years regain their youthful look after pregnancy by performing breast lift surgery, with or without breast augmentations.  Dr. Kole understands how the drastic change in breast shape and size can affect a new mom’s self-esteem, and so he works diligently to restore his patient’s breasts back to their ideal shape and size.

Dr. Kole uses various techniques during mastopexy that create varying degrees of lift to the breasts.  For women with small breasts who are interested in getting just a little lift from surgery, Dr. Kole will perform a crescent lift, which is minimally invasive and leaves minimal scarring.  For other women who desire more volume and lift, Dr. Kole may perform an anchor lift with breast augmentation, placing an implant to restore volume to the breast as well as giving the skin significant lift.  The basis of this procedure is to restore the desired breast volume with minimal scarring.

To find out more about how Dr. Kole can help you restore perkiness and youthfulness to your breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy, call The Kole Plastic Surgery Center to schedule a private consultation at 215-315-7655.