Deep forehead wrinkles plaster a permanent frown on your face, even if you are a happy-go-lucky person by nature. It’s depressing when those you don’t know shy away from you because of this unintentional glare. Some people mistake those with prominent forehead wrinkles as being old even if they are just halfway through their blooming years.

Forehead wrinkles can put a huge damper on your beautiful skin. To protect oneself from the wrath of this beast, it’s important to know what invokes the monster. The major factors that directly lead you to this monster’s den are as follows:

Sun Exposure

Unprotected sun exposure has a far greater role than our age in denting our skin with wrinkles and other skin problems. About 70% of premature skin aging is due to this reason alone. Harmful sunrays accelerate the oxidation process which damages the collagen cells of our skin. Once the collagen cells are damaged, the genetic material of the cells are also destroyed. The abnormal division of cells leads to puckered and less youthful appearing skin.


Yes, you read it right! Smoking plays a major role in destructing your facial features as well as other functions of your body. Study reveals that chain smokers get pre-mature wrinkles 10-15 years before non-smokers. Smoking lowers the vitamin C of the body by 60 %. As vitamin C is essential for production of collagen tissues, which gives elasticity and luster to your skin, its absence can lead to dull and wrinkled skin.


Stress is among those harmful emotions that not only shrink your inner positivity but also destroys your outer beauty. Prolonged stress triggers cortisol, a stress hormone, which in turn increases the aging process and abolishes the normal synthesis of connective tissues. It’s better for your own good that you combat your stress because in the end, tough times don’t last; tough people do.

Repetitive Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are a way to exercise our skin. Deep set facial expressions do have a strain on our dermis. For example, constant frowning brings exaggerated lines on the forehead and builds up the muscles underneath the skin, damaging the relaxed and calm appearance which is natural to the young looking face.

Improper Diet

Our skin is the reflection of what goes inside our body. A diet rich in sugar causes rigidity in the connective tissues and skin thus loses its elasticity. Excluding fruits and vegetables from ones diet also increases the chances of wrinkles. The antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables neutralize the oxidative damage caused to the skin by harmful external factors.

Lack of Sack Time

The importance of proper sleep cannot be more emphasized. A proper night’s sleep is vital in maintenance of various body processes including secretion of growth hormones that aid in renewal of skin tissues. Lack of sleep is clearly evident on the face causing dark circles, tired eyes and wrinkles on forehead.

Thankfully, we now have medical procedures to correct defects such as premature wrinkles on our forehead. No, we are not talking about surgical methods; the idea of going under the knife is not so fascinating after all. One such miracle solution is in the form of Botox cosmetics, having fast and noticeable results without any side-effects. Make sure you get such treatment from experienced plastic surgical professionals like Dr. Edward S. Kole only. To schedule your complimentary botox consultation, call 215-315-7655 today. We are conveniently accessible to Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia at 1122 Street Rd, Southampton, Pennsylvania.