It’s not always age that is responsible for making our skin sag or droop, but rather, environmental factors can also be taken into account. At times, the simple force of gravity can cause the skin around your lower face and neck to droop, resulting in a face that is not as youthful and taut as you would like it to be. This is where PrecisionTX comes into the picture.

What Is PrecisionTX?

The development of Precision TX, an exciting and revolutionary laser technology provided by Cynosure, changed the entire game of liposuction and facelift surgical procedures. Using a side firing laser, this minimally-invasive procedure can effectively treat the lower face and neck.

The way the technology works is very different from others of its kind. Excess fat, deposited especially in the neck, is treated by a laser which not only lyses the fat but also tightens the skin. This not only tightens the facial tissues but also improves and rejuvenates the neck, lower face and jowls.

How Does PrecisionTX Work?

It’s a revolutionary treatment procedure indeed, as the fat tissues are melted at just the right temperature without causing injury to surrounding tissues. This is how the collagen already present in the area shrinks and tightens and new collagen is produced which helps to thicken the skin; thus providing a much more youthful and plump appearance.

The technology used in this minimally-invasive laser treatment procedure is controlled by a system known as ThermaGuide, which helps give much needed temperature control In real-time! This also increases the safety of the entire procedure far more than other surgery alternative. This allows the fat to reach its critical temperature to be killed and not allowing the temperature to rise to damage the skin.

Whom Is This PrecisionTX Procedure For?

This is a procedure that guarantees safety and good results, but not everyone can utilize the procedure because in some cases, significant laxity should only be treated with far more traditional surgical techniques to get effective and longer lasting results.

Those individuals however, who only have a modest amount of face or neck ageing, or don’t want to undergo surgery  with general anesthesia for any reason, are perfect candidates for this minimally invasive laser guided procedure. The best part about PrecisionTX is that the procedure can be easily done with under local anesthesia in an office setting, which means that you will be awake during the entire length of the short procedure.

How Long Does It Take For The Results To Show?

The skin thickening and tightening largely depends on the body’s natural production and contraction of collagen, which is why at least a few months are necessary for effective results of the procedure to show clearly. Still, early responses to Precision TX can be seen after only the first few weeks following the non-invasive procedure.

As compared to traditional surgical methods, the recovery time of PrecisionTX is much lesser and easier. One more detail that would sooth any concerns regarding the use of laser technology to remove and reshape collagen from the neck and lower face is that PrecisionTX is approved by the FDA.

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