Cold weather brings turtleneck sweaters and scarves, which can accentuate double chins on individuals who suffer from an excess of neck fat.  Fat deposits in the neck can make people appear overweight and older than they are.  With the addition of a turtleneck or scarf tied around the neck, neck fat is pushed up even farther, creating a roll of fat right underneath the chin and creating the appearance of a double chin.  Even the slimmest people with a little extra neck fat can look heavy in the winter when they are bundled up.

Instead of meticulously shopping this winter season for clothes that hide that neck bulge, consider an easier, more permanent option.  Neck liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from the neck, allowing the neck skin to naturally tighten around the bone structure of the neck, creating a natural and youthful contoured look.  Neck liposuction can remove a double chin or a roll around the neck, and will uncover a beautiful chin and strong jawline that is currently hiding under a layer of fat.

Neck fat is especially apparent during the winter months because we dress in more layers that cover the chest and neck.  This does two things:  first, wearing clothing that covers and constricts part of the neck pushes neck fat up towards the face, making neck bulge appear more abundant than it is, creating the dreaded look of a double chin.   Secondly, in attempting to keep your neck warm, you mistakenly add extra thick layers to your neck, making it appear bulkier than it is, again adding the look of extra pounds.

Rather than contributing to neck bulge this winter, why not combat it by getting neck liposuction?  In addition to achieving a more pleasing shaped neck that will look great with all winter accessories, winter is an ideal time to get plastic surgery on parts of the body that are otherwise more visible during the warmer months.  Any bruising or swelling that occurs within the first few days after surgery will easily be concealed by higher necklines and scarves that are common when its cold outside.

Ideal candidates for neck liposuction are individuals with excess fat deposits in the neck area who otherwise have good skin tone that will naturally tighten when fat is removed.   Neck liposuction is quick and leaves only a tiny scar behind the earlobes, making it a perfect procedure for those who are hoping to get rid of neck bulge without many side effects and large incisions and scarring.  For more information on neck liposuction this winter, contact The Kole Plastic Surgery Center for a private complimentary consultation at 215-315-7655.