On occasion, as an experienced board certified plastic surgeon, patients are referred to Dr. Edward Kole to fix scarring that did not heal properly after female upper Blepharoplasty.  This is the medical term for female upper eyelid surgery.  There are specific subset of patients who undergo a scar revision procedure.  When there is visible thickened scarring across or in the corner of the eyelids, it can be corrected quickly and easily in the office.

It is most important that patients understand there is an experienced technique to upper eyelid surgery in order for the eyes to appear natural and not have obvious signs of being operated on or appearance of being “done”.  The upper eyelid skin usually heals better than most skin on the body, as far as scar quality goes.  Some scar revision procedures have been referred to Dr. Edward S. Kole due to the following reasons:

  • Visible thickened scarring
  • Indented scars
  • Scarring extending beyond the eyelid crease
  • Off colored visible scarring
  • Thick, or widened upper eyelid scarring
  • Red and raised scarring

Depending on the patient’s need for scar revision is exactly how the list of priorities is followed when correcting eyelid scarring.  Safety is always the first priority.  Blepharoplasty scar revision is normally performed on a patient using local anesthesia.  A huge goal for any skilled plastic surgeon, like Dr. Kole, working on the female eyelids is to make incisions where they will be barely visible once healed and smooth, not dented in, as well.  This is why prior to the original surgery the exact positions and placements of incisions is one of the most important steps to the overall success of this surgery.  These should be discussed during the consultation and examination. The idea is to keep the scar in the depth of the eyelid crease.

Additional goals of a revision are making scars as narrow as possible and without visible color problems.  The revision procedure would usually entail the need to excise the old scar and start the healing process over.  If an incision opened slightly after the original surgery, this usually is the best way to treat a widened scar.  Cutting out the old scar and creating a new one that is sutured well then monitored carefully after surgery.  When this needs to happen there is no down time and the stitches will be out within 5-7 days.  That scar should end up as a fine thin line once healed fully.  Many remedies exist to revise incorrect upper eyelid scarring.  When Blepharoplasty is properly performed on the upper female eyelid, the skin normally heals with very little scarring.  Scar revision is a rare problem but please be aware that if needed, it can be corrected.  When performed by an experienced and caring surgeon the natural looking lift of the eyelids is absolutely rejuvenating.

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