Most Common Questions and Answers About Neck Lift Surgery in Bucks County

Before putting your neck lift surgery on the calendar you will have an initial complimentary consultation with Dr. Edward S. Kole. The reason for this appointment is to share all detailed goals and potential results of the surgery. When perspective patients sit with Dr. Kole to discuss the desire for a neck lift procedure, Dr. Kole must assess if they wish to fix the extra fat, looseness of the skin, dropping of neck muscles or a combination of everything. Based on what you want to fix is usually the determining factor on how what will be factored into your surgery. Dr. Kole will lead you towards the proper surgery or possible conjunction of surgeries that he believes are the best options for you. All questions you may have will be answered to your satisfaction. Your consultation will also entail the following:

  • General anesthesia vs. local anesthesia
  • Your medical history, current conditions and medications
  • Different neck lift options available
  • Look over prior patient’s before and after pictures
  • Neck lift surgery risks
  • Photos of your facial features from different angles to assess your neck
  • Measurements taken of your neck, chin, jawline and other facial features
  • Discuss fees involved and payment information

There seems to be the same common question about neck lift surgery regardless of age, gender and experience with cosmetic surgery. Dr. Edward S. Kole thought it be best to provide information on this question, as it is asked in every consultation.

If I have my neck lifted how long will it last?

There is much to say about this question and answer. Being an honest, ethical Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience, I honestly do not know how long your neck lift results will last to the precise day or year. I can offer my best opinion based on your lifestyle and truthful medical history, as well as the normal averages. I must be responsible with my information. The optimal results of neck lift surgery do vary based on your physiology and style of living. Also your genetic pre-disposition is essential in the outcome that the procedure has long-term. Using today’s surgical advances, it is common to see my patient’s finished appearance last for up to ten years. I have seen results last five years and some up to twelve to up to fifteen years. The age at which you have the procedure is also a factor. Aging and the effects of gravity will be a culprit in your skin and muscles beginning to loosen and start to sag once again. The difficulty in providing an exact answer to this question as opposed to an average or estimate is that not all neck lift surgeries are the same. If you add that with the fact that no two people have the same muscles, skin elasticity, jawline, aging process and necks. There is a rule of thumb that I follow, regarding how quickly my patient’s age. Usually people favor aging in an 8-12 year span. This means that every 8 to 12 years we notice, when looking at ourselves, that we appear older.

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