At The Kole Plastic Surgery Center, we see many parents of children undergoing otoplasty who are concerned about the process and recovery that their children will be experiencing. In order to help parents ease their concerns, we comprised a list of answers to some of the most common questions that parents should know when considering otoplasty for their children.

Who is a good candidate for otoplasty?

Children over the age of 5 are good candidates for ear surgery. For children whose ears protrude or who are suffering from ear deformities, it is unlikely that those issues will resolve with age, so otoplasty is a great option to reshape and reconstruct your child’s ears. Younger cartilage is easier to shape and mold, so otoplasty is encouraged for younger children. Additionally, correcting your child’s prominent or protruding ears will increase your child’ self-esteem and will reduce the chances of being made fun of by their peers.

How long does it usually take children to recover from an otoplasty?

Children are generally able to go home after the surgery and can see the results of their otoplasty immediately. While children may experience some pain or fatigue from sedation, the greatest concern for children recovering from otoplasty is monitoring their activity level to reduce the chances of damage to their ears. Children are instructed to wear a protective wrap or headband until their post-operative visit, and then during the evenings when they sleep to protect their ears from trauma. Kids are instructed to avoid contact sports for a few weeks after surgery.

How noticeable is an otoplasty and will there be scars?

Traditional otoplasty procedures require an incision behind the ear at This incision will heal the junction of the posterior ear and the scalp and scar, however the scar is nearly invisible because of its location and proximity to both the hairline and the ear fold. The positive psychological results of surgery will be more noticeable. Some parents are concerned that their child’s appearance will be altered dramatically, but otoplasty procedures specifically target the ears and will alter only that portion of the face. In contrast, what will be noticed is the more natural, set-back look of the ears, or the more normal shape and size of ears after an otoplasty procedures. For children, it is rare that their peers will notice any difference at all, but it will dramatically affect your child’s self-esteem and will protect them from the possibility of being made fun of by others throughout their life.

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