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Identical twin study reveals insights on how breasts age

Study of Identical Twins Yields Clues on How Breasts Age A recent study shows that there are steps women can take to keep their breasts looking attractive and youthful without surgery. By studying identical twins, researchers were able to evaluate the impact of lifestyle and environmental factors in the absence of genetic influences. The study suggests that the following activities may help women’s breasts remain younger looking: • Breastfeeding • Hormone replacement therapy • Daily moisturizing In contrast, these lifestyle choices could cause accelerated breast aging: • Drinking alcohol • Smoking • Higher body mass index • Multiple pregnancies The volunteers for the 2009 and 2011 study, whose mean age was 47.6, included 161 pairs of identical female twins. Plastic surgery residents used medical photographs to assess aesthetic breast features, and then compared these ratings using participants’ personal and medical histories. The conclusion is that there are simple things that women can do, such as daily moisturizing and limiting alcohol, to keep their breasts more attractive and youthful without surgical procedures.

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