Men undergoing liposuction, on any part of the body, want to avoid returning for revision due to poor healing, inadequate surgical technique and looking better prior to surgery. On the positive side, this is an uncommon misfortune. Revising liposuction surgical outcomes is a procedure that, if needed, you should seek out and only use an expert. Male liposuction revision is frequently performed at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Edward S. Kole. The patients that Dr. Kole sees for liposuction revision comes from all different areas around Philadelphia , Bucks County and Montgomery County in order to improve previous results. When having any body enhancing cosmetic surgery, it is imperative to use a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a significant amount of liposuction experience.

Two common problems occur during the first male liposuction procedure, bringing in revision patients to our Southampton Bucks County office. The first being inadequate liposuction of localized fat pockets and over-liposuction in areas very close to the outer skin layer, resulting in indentations and contour irregularities of the skin. The inadequacy caused by over-suctioning happens when the original surgeon is inexperienced or lacks proper judgment. Skills needed to perform optimal results from male liposuction, on a variety of body areas, require many years of training, education and experience in the general, plastic and reconstructive surgical fields of medicine. When liposuction localized fat deposits that are deeper, smoothing and a decreased chance of contour deformity occurs. Patients who undergo revision liposuction that were under-suctioned during their original procedure are largely dissatisfied by not seeing much of a relevant change in the appearance of their bodies.

Dr. Kole always tries to be precise when performing liposuction and carefully removes the adequate amounts of fat pockets in any area. Each area is different on every patient. There isn’t one formula and the highest amount of care is taken, whether it be the back, abdomen, hips, muffin top, arms, legs and all other locations. Skin laxity is taken into account, as well as, how the area will tighten up once time sets in and healing is completed. When revision patients undergo their procedures, the areas of correction are approached as if it were a new procedure, but with specially trained surgical planning. It is much more difficult to smooth out certain areas due to the usual large amount of internal scarring. Patients who are having corrections made due to excess liposuction may need fat grafting or simply smoothing these areas of where fatty deposits were left behind. Performing revision male liposuction on areas where the tissue is thin can create a problem with lack in blood supply, which leads to skin that can die in that area if not extremely careful.

It is highly unlikely you will need any revision liposuction surgery. For those men who do, reasons for an expert plastic surgeon are clear. Avoid the need for corrective measures by using our experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Edward S. Kole, to perform your initial liposuction. Results will be as expected with patient safety and satisfaction being number one priority. Liposuction is one of the most common body enhancement procedures performed on men today. When exercising regularly and living a healthy lifestyle you may have stubborn fat pockets that won’t leave. Get rid of the love handles and other areas you have been unhappy about, safely and properly, the first time around.

Contact The Kole Plastic Surgery Center at 215-315-7655 to schedule your complimentary consultation for first time Male Liposuction or Revision Male Liposuction with Dr. Edward S. Kole. Our Office and Licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center is conveniently located at: 1122 Street Rd Southampton, PA 18966