You’ve decided that you want a blepharoplasty.  Maybe your sagging upper eyelids are interfering with your ability to see.  Maybe you are dissatisfied with how your droopy eyelids and bags under your eyes make you appear years older than you are.  Maybe you are just looking for a procedure that will subtly make you look younger and refreshed without the tell tale signs of having plastic surgery.  Whatever the reason, you are hoping that getting a blepharoplasty will result in natural-looking results that make you appear more alert, younger, and rejuvenated.  Male blepharoplasty candidates need to take caution, however, when deciding who will perform the procedure.  Male eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty is the second most common procedure elected by men, yet there are many cosmetic surgeons who are not experts in this surgery.  It takes a surgeon who understands the goals for male blepharoplasty, how they differ from women’s’ goals, and the techniques necessary to create a look that is customized for the male anatomy without creating a feminine or “worked on” appearance.

Deciding on a surgeon can be difficult.  The task of researching various experts can be a grueling activity, but it is worth the time and effort in order to achieve the maximum results from your blepharoplasty procedure.  In order to make your search easier, Dr. Kole and at The Kole Plastic Surgery Center has compiled this list of helpful tips in choosing a plastic surgeon for your male blepharoplasty.

Choose a Board Certified Surgeon:  This is a must for any cosmetic procedure.  Board certified surgeons are closely regulated by a set of rules and standards that all surgeons should be held to.  This tip is simple:  your surgeon should ALWAYS be board-certified, no matter what procedure is being done.

Choose an Expert:  While there are many surgeons who are board-certified and very qualified as a general plastic surgeon, it is more rare to find a surgeon who is an expert in blepharoplasty and male procedures.  Blepharoplasty is a subtle procedure that requires fine motor skills and an eye for perfection in order to get results that appear natural yet satisfying.  Dr. Kole explains that for a male procedure, the incisions are done slightly differently and the eyelid lifts and creases are in slightly different positions so men can retain their masculine features while looking more alert.  You should choose a surgeon who can explain the differences between these procedures and who is confident that they can attain the results you desire.

Go the Distance:  If you do a Google search for surgeons in your area, inevitably you will find a whole list of people practicing within a short distance.  Don’t be fooled, however, into believing that these are your best options.  In order to find a surgeon who is experienced in performing the type of procedure you want, you may need to look farther afield.  Dr. Kole practices in Bucks County, PA but serves a large radius of patients extending from Philadelphia to Southern New Jersey and rural Pennsylvania areas.  It is common for a patient to travel hours to see Dr. Kole because he is renowned for his expertise in facial procedures and male-adapted procedures like male blepharoplasty.

Gather as much information as possible:  This includes consulting with your surgeon, asking questions, looking at photographs, and bringing in photos of how you want your eyes to look after surgery. A good guide is that you should look for a good photograph of yourself from approximately 10 years ago.  You wouldn’t want to choose a surgeon without looking at their previous work and finding out if other patients have been satisfied with their results.  Dr. Kole has available photos taken of previous patients who have undergone the same procedure to serve as examples of how your procedure might go.  Additionally, he personally consults with each patient to find out what their goals are in surgery, and takes the time to look at pictures with his patients to get a better idea of how they want to look after the blepharoplasty.  He knows how important it is for patients to feel comfortable with their surgeon and the chosen procedure, so he ensures that each patient walks out of their consultation confident about the scheduled surgery and completely informed.

Hopefully these tips will be useful in helping you narrow down your search for a plastic surgeon for your male blepharoplasty.  The most important thing to keep in mind is what your goals for the procedure are, and can the surgeon I am choosing can achieve these goals.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kole about male blepharoplasty, or to ask more questions about the procedure, contact our office today at 215-315-7655 and schedule your complimentary private consultation.

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