Men are filling the offices of plastic surgeons now more than ever.  Many come to discuss surgery for Gynecomastia, the medical term for over developed male breasts.  In addition to that surgery, men are undergoing facelifts, liposuction and eyelid surgery, or Blepharoplasty being the medical term, more than ever before.  This is not a trend.  Men and cosmetic surgery are here to stay.  Many men share that they feel motivated by a culture that places emphasis on looking good.  They are also turning to cosmetic surgery to fix imperfections due to their own self-conscious desires and wanting to make the most of what they have, while exercising and living a fairly healthy lifestyle.  Also, very common today, men want the best chances possible, in their chosen career, with the economy and corporate world being so competitive.  For these reasons and more the male cosmetic surgery patient is not a rare sighting.  Some men feel more concerned about looking good than they ever have before.  There are many options for men.

Approximately 75 percent of male patients are in the age group of 25-45 years of age.  It seems that the majority of these fall into the middle class income status, although, costs and money isn’t a guiding factor for the male patient seeking out enhancements.  If a person wants to make aesthetic changes through surgery then they will do so knowing that side effects are minimal yet results are usually huge.  Men can typically go to work within a few days of recovery without telling any coworkers, bosses, employees, partners, clients if they don’t wish to do so.  Gynecomastia surgery tends to be more popular with men in their 20’s and 30’s, though, men of all ages do have the procedure done when they feel ready, have lost a significant amount of weight or have a few other mitigating factors.  Often the reason is as simple as not being happy with what they have seen in the mirror for years and a desire to make a change.  Man boobs aren’t really something that feel and look natural.  Embarrassment usually accompanies the men that have this condition.

Information is much more readily available now than years ago.  With the internet and abilities to research so many different procedures, as well as, look into different surgeons through their websites, it is a completely different world.  Once there were men who assumed that they couldn’t afford to have a procedure performed and now know that they don’t have to be wealthy in order to sit and consult with a plastic surgeon and move forward from that point.  Cosmetic surgery is not an income or class status biased privilege.  Male breast reduction and other procedures are available for men who wish to look as good as possible.

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