Many men have recently been getting surgery to get rid of unsightly gynecomastia issues.  Since 1997.  there is been a 48% increase in the amount of men receiving treatment in the form of surgical procedures to get rid of excess skin and fat of their chest area.

Treatment for this issue involves different things depending on how your gynecomastia  occurs.  The two main factors and how to treat the issue are age and circumstances.  There are 3 large circumstances that can cause gynecomastia.  Most people only think  having “ man boobs”, is because you are overweight, however, it occurs largely in bodybuilder’s and then there are numerous  endocrine conditions that may be the culprit. Below are suggestions for treatment by age and circumstances.

Teenage males:

Gynecomastia is relatively common in adolescent males.  The good news is that in 90% of cases occur during puberty the condition resolves on its own.  However, if the situation does not clear up within a few years after puberty, plastic surgery is often necessary.  In younger patients plastic surgical intervention involves removal of the breast tissue and liposuction suctioned to remove excess fat.

Middle aged males:

This demographic is mainly comprised of body builders using steroids.  Anabolic steroid use often causes the body to make excess amounts of estrogen and results and breast enlargement.  In many cases these patients are often given anti-estrogen medications to remedy the increases in breast tissue.  If the medication doesn’t rectify the situation and surgical removal of excess breast tissue would be performed.

Older Males:

Males especially 50 and over have weight gain to blame for this issue.  Typically, liposuction can be performed to remove excess  fat.  In some situations, removal of excess breast tissue is also performed in combination with liposuction.  Also, due to sagging skin and poor elasticity, excess skin removal may be necessary for optimal results in certain situations.