A man considering facelift surgery in Southampton, PA chances are you have a lot of questions, but are not quite sure where to get the answers. In addition, you probably want to be discreet about your decision to undergo plastic surgery, so you are most likely not running your questions past your buddies during a Sunday night football commercial break.

That is where the Kole Plastic Surgery Center comes in. Dr. Edward Kole has compiled a list of the top three questions to ask before choosing a Pennsylvania plastic surgeon. Regardless of who you think will be the best surgeon to suit your individual needs, you should be sure to get the answers to the following questions in order to achieve the best cosmetic results possible:

  1. Will people be able to tell that I had a facelift? Talk to your potential surgeon about the difference between a youthful looking face and one that seems like it has been molded out of plastic. There is a fine line between removing wrinkles and looking too tight, and you want to make sure that the look you want to achieve is the same as the one that the doctor plans on giving you
  2. Will my scars be noticeable? Many men wear their hair short, which makes it more difficult to hide scars than it is to hide facelift scars for women who have more hair. Make sure that the surgeon you choose uses the special techniques available for hiding facelift scars in men, which typically involve making the incisions in the natural folds of the ear and neck.
  3. What will the recovery involve? If discretion is a priority for you, it is a big mistake just to choose the doctor who claims to guarantee the quickest recovery time. Instead, enlist a plastic surgeon who is completely up front about the actual amount of time it will take for your face to heal, as well as explaining the amount of time that you will have to refrain from certain activities like being out in the sun, high-intensity exercise, or exposure to extreme temperatures.

Want to learn about other important questions to ask before selecting the best plastic surgeon for your Southampton, PA facelift? Contact the Kole Plastic Surgery Center at 215-315-7655 today and receive a free copy of Dr. Kole’s book, Cosmetic Surgery: The Risks and Rewards.