When it comes to skin care, sometimes stronger is better. While lotions, moisturizers, and other products are great for daily maintenance, they can’t protect your skin from everything. Over time, skin texture can become rough, wrinkles and lines can start to form, and pigmentation issues like sun spots can rob your face of its natural beauty.

This is where treatments like chemical peels come into play. A chemical peel is a highly effective non-invasive skin-rejuvenation treatment that can turn dull skin into radiant skin.

Chemical peels come in different strengths and are made from a unique blend of powerful ingredients. The lighter the peel, the gentler it is on the skin.

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Usually made with trichlorooacetic  acid or TCA, t these peels are the perfect option for people who are interested in getting a chemical peel for the first time. These peels produce the least amount of discomfort.

Light chemical peels are strong enough to remove the surface layer of skin without causing harm to the other layers. This allows a fresher and younger-looking layer of skin to take its’ place.

Light chemical peels also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen is a structural protein that is an important component of tight and strong skin. Elastin is a protein that makes the skin more elastic. If you pinch, stretch, or poke your skin, elastin is what allows it to return to and retain its natural form.

A light chemical peel is perfect for addressing mild skin issues like:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Acne scars
  • Rough texture

Chemical peels must be applied to clean skin, so prior to the application of your light chemical peel, our skin-care staff will remove any oil, makeup, dirt, and debris from your face.

If you want to find out whether a chemical peel can provide you with the results you are looking for, contact The Kole Plastic Surgery today to schedule a complimentary skin care consultation. We can provide you with the professional skin care you deserve.