Crow’s feet are one of the most disturbing and alarming forms of wrinkles that start developing from the corners of the eye once you enter your 30’s. These wrinkles are most prominent when you smile or squint. This is because the muscles in your face contract and make them visible. While everyone rightly believes that aging is the ultimate reason behind the appearance of crow’s feet which is untreatable as it can’t be reversed, it definitely isn’t the only reason.

One of the primary reasons why crow’s feet start surfacing earlier than other signs of aging is that the area near the corner of the eyes has very thin skin. Since it lacks the fatty tissues that help in keeping other parts of the body tight, the signs of lost elasticity and sagginess are most prominent there.

Looking for reasons behind those unappealing crow’s feet appearing at the corner of your eyes?  Keep reading!

Sun Exposure

After aging, sun exposure is the leading cause of crow’s feet that’s also an indication of premature aging on your skin. It’s extremely important to use a good sunscreen before going out, even if you are going to stay back in the office for most of the day. You may have noticed that individuals who have tans especially show evidence of crow’s feet at the corner of their eyes. Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the best ways of avoiding premature aging.


While the harmful sunrays are not enough to cause damage to the outer area of the eye, the bright sunshine can cause your eyes to squint which can further induce crow’s feet. Any habitual expression on the face can cause wrinkles on the skin. This is due to the reduced production of new cells. Squinting most commonly takes place during winters when sunlight reflects sharply over the snow.


Botox® near Philadelphia, PAOf course sleeping doesn’t cause premature aging, in fact, it is one of the most integral components of keeping skin healthy and vigorous. However, how you sleep is an important consideration here. The way you press your face in the pillow can be a huge contributor to crow’s feet. People who sleep on the sides are more likely to witness deeper wrinkles when they wake up. So, the best position to sleep is on your back so that you can substantially prevent the onslaught of wrinkles that makes its presence prominent over the years.

In a nutshell, following are some quick ways to avoid crow’s feet:

  • Sun Damage: Remember that 90% of all the signs of aging that appear on your skin is the result of photo damage;
  • Free Radicals: Since exposure to sunlight can increase free radicals in your skin and escalate the aging process, its best to take ample care of your skin at all times;
  • Avoid sleeping on your side;
  • Evade repeated expressions of squinting and smiling.

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