While lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world, it is still one that many people misunderstand. There are loads of myths, prejudices, and misconceptions about this simple procedure. The following are four common misconceptions and concerns about the process.

“Once You Start, You Can’t Stop”

This is an urban legend about how you get hooked to the look and can’t stop getting the fillers done, even if you want to. Lip fillers are now available in both collagen and hyaluronic acid formulations. Both are bio-degradable and eventually break down. The only reason why you need to get touchups done is to replace the amount which has broken down.

If you want to stop, you can stop getting the touchups and your lips will go back to their normal size without any repercussions. Moreover, these touch ups for the fillers are needed after about 6 months so it’s not like you’re getting them done every week.

“I’ll Lose Feeling in My Lips”

This is another silly myth about lip augmentations. No, you will not lose any feeling in your lips. The only time when you won’t be able to feel anything is when you’re being injected with the fillers during your lip augmentation.

After the process, once the numbing effects wear off, feeling will return to your lips. Coincidentally, one of the minor side effects for lip augmentation is pain and swelling because of the injections, so you might end up wishing that you had lost all feeling in your lips.

“Augmented Lips look like they’re made of plastic or fake”

Considering how advanced lip augmentation has become, this is a really outdated and ridiculous concern. The results produced nowadays are very discreet and extremely flattering. Moreover, the whole point of lip augmentation is to enhance and add to the natural beauty of your face. If they look fake then they’re not done by a true professional.

A good board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Edward S. Kole of The Kole Plastic Surgery Center will allow you to slowly achieve your desired voluminous look instead of giving your lips an instant boost. This allows you and others around you to adjust to your new lip size. By the time they’re as full as you want, few people will remember your original lip size. Many celebs use this method which is why their facial changes are rather subtle. Only through comparing their pictures, over the years, can you truly spot the difference.

“Any Kind of Lip Filler will Work”

This is absolutely false and is one of the biggest misconceptions about lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid and collagen fillers, such as Juvederm Ultra, are perfect for temporary effects while fat and lip implants are suited for more long term effects. Any substance other than these is most likely not FDA approved and will cause an adverse reaction.

This is the main reason why people end up with botched and ruined lips from their procedures. Fake practitioners exploit this fact to make easy money by offering cheap lip augmentation services and inject foreign substances which cause harm to the face and lips. These cheaper options can be extremely harmful with long term effects on the physical, mental, and emotional well being of a person so it is always best to get your lip fillers done from a Board Certified plastic surgeon.

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