The name of Latisse eyelash enhancers has been on everyone’s lips since the year 2008. This was when the FDA gave its go ahead to the drug for being used to increase the length of eyelashes for people suffering from the dilemma of having shorter eye lashes. But, the questions that most prospective users and interested parties have had continue to stay. Is it safe for your eyes? Can you really have longer eye lashes by using this product?

Is it really real?

It is sure is, Latisse is a similar kind of a drug to glaucoma which is typically used in some eye drops being used in day to day life. Back when it was approved, the drug started to show hair growing side effects, with patients making use of that eye drop experiencing longer, thicker eye lashes. It was back then that the idea of Latisse as an eye lash enhancer was heralded and the makers of this product and the company have refused to look back ever since.

The success of this product can be seen by the fact that leading celebrities such as Mandy Moore and Jenny McCarthy have been avid users of the eye lash enhancer along with celebrities such as Christina Hendricks also tying up with the promotion of the promotion of the product. Yet, the fact that there is celebrity endorsement doesn’t mean one should try it does it? To decide on whether or not to try this product you need to make sure how it works.

How Does Latisse Work?

The use of Latisse has often remained a mystery for most people. However, our eye lashes like the hair on our head grow through sprouts. Much like the hair on our head, these lashes grow for some time and then eventually fall out. The chemicals that make up Latisse eye lash enhancer increase the growth phase of the sprouts giving you longer eye lashes and increase the number of sprouts for production of hair giving you thicker lashes.

The Application

The application of the eye lash enhancer is done by gently rubbing it across your eye lashes. The use of a sterile applicator is made for that purpose and the method needs to be continued each night. The application is strictly restricted to the upper eye lashes since continued blinking of the eyes means that the lower eye lashes get their share of the drug spread automatically.


The fact that it is an FDA approved product to enhance your eye lashes means that there is a degree of safety in its application. However there are still some protections that need to be taken to ensure better performance and increased safety. Here is a low down on some of them:

  • Don’t Apply the Latisse into your eyes. This is means as an eye lash enhancer and you should be careful enough to not let it enter your eyes. In other words, it is not an eye drop you actually “paint” it on using a small brush to your upper lashes where they meet the skin.
  • Make sure that your face is clean before application of this product to get optimum results.

Despite being an “apply it yourself” product, prior consultation with an esteemed doctor is required. For that, contact us at Kole Plastic Surgery Center today to set up a consultation with Dr. Edward S. Kole at 215-315-7655.