Lip augmentation has become so common now that it is almost considered a fashion statement to have to get it done. While the process is quick, easy and nowadays, non-invasive as well, there are still certain elements which should not be overlooked when you’re planning on getting a lip augmentation procedure done. The following are some common pros and cons to consider:


Non-Invasive Procedure

The best thing about lip augmentation is that surgery is only necessary in cases where you want fat transferred to your lips. Nowadays, lip augmentation is non-invasive, with the chosen filler inserted via injection in your lips. Thanks to modern advancements made in this field, you can walk away with a completely brand new smile in just a few minutes.

Quick Recovery Time

Lip augmentation doesn’t require months for you to recover from. In most cases, minor side effects like swelling, redness, and pain diminish within a day or two and you can show your new luscious smile off the very next day.

Temporary Effects

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to the new look? Then opt for one of the temporary options. Fillers are made out of collagen or hyaluronic acid, both of which are safe and bio-degradable, meaning the body naturally breaks them down over time. Temporary fillers allow you to see what your new lips will look like for a few months. If you like the look, get the look retouched or opt for a permanent lip augmentation procedure.


Need Touchups

For many people, this can be annoying. Temporary fillers, such as Juvederm Ultra ,naturally break down over time. Touchups are needed to maintain the size and plumpness of the lips or they go back to their actual size after a few months or more. While they are required after every 6 to 9 months, it can become costly to pay for a touch up each time.

Can Ruin Facial Symmetry

Sometimes, your facial features naturally complement each other. With a lip augmentation, you change one aspect of your face which has a chance of either further complementing your face or upsetting the symmetry of your features. Even if you’re opting for a temporary procedure, this could mean you have to keep the asymmetry for a few months.

Danger of Poor Quality Products Used

Always get lip augmentation done by an established Board Certified plastic surgeon and ensure that they are using top quality products. While this might make lip augmentation a little more expensive, considering the number of fake plastic surgeons and botched lip augmentations in the market, you should be wary of anyone offering their services for a fraction of the price. Always check that you are receiving U.S. based manufactured products for your injectable and not a foreign knock-off.

Not only would they be using cheap products that wreak havoc on your face, you will probably never find that surgeon again if you demand they fix the ill effects of the procedure.

Get an Evaluation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Before opting for any procedure to alter your appearance, you should undergo a proper evaluation from a Board Certified plastic surgeon. Even if it is something as simple as lip augmentation, in the wrong hands, it can have serious repercussions. With a Board Certified plastic surgeon, you won’t just get the look you desire, you’ll also walk away without putting your health in danger.

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