The FDA keeps tabs on any and all drugs that enter into the US market officially. The drug regulatory body is considered the standard bearer to identify what is safe for a consumer and what is not. Back in 2007, it approved injectable fillers as being safe for use in cosmetic procedures. One such product is known as Restylane Lyft. Unlike other injectable fillers such as Restylane; this is not designed for general use. Rather, it is designed for use in specific situations where there is a need for restoration of the mid face volume or to tackle more pronounced, clearer facial folds.

Resembling a gel like substance, this is injected into the deep dermis to help you enjoy a younger looking facial contour. The changes which are more subtle than those that would occur in corrective surgical methods, will typically last more than 6 months after which the natural degradation of the body will start to kick in, lessening the effect significantly.

How does it Work?

The functioning of these injectable fillers is similar to other fillers. They are primarily designed to replace the lost fat in your skin and to make up for collagen degradation. The fact that Restylane Lyft is part of the Restylane chain of fillers, means that much like others in the list; it is made up of Hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring acid in our skin. The fact that this filler is chemically cross linked also means that it is able to delay the breakdown of enzymes in the skin for a longer period of time.

Are you a Good Candidate or Not?

Determining whether or not you are a good candidate can be a bit of an uphill task. Yet there are certain signs that highlight your need to have Restylane Lyft injections. These signs include:

  • Sagging Skin
  • Parentheses around the lips
  • Thinning lips
  • Wrinkled lips or lips that have lost volume
  • Extremely obvious facial lines
  • Significant loss of fat somewhere on the skin

What Areas are the fillers typically used in?

Some of the common areas that Restylane Lyft is used to improve are:

  • Lips
  • Forehead
  • Upper Cheeks
  • The Area under the eyes
  • Nose
  • Corners of your Mouth

Reasonable Expectations Post Procedure

Once you have gone through the skin rejuvenation procedure, expecting a younger looking skin and a plumper looking lip formation is reasonably expected. The fact that there is no surgical procedure involved means that you will be ready for your day to day activities immediately after the procedure. Once the procedure has ended and the swelling has subsided, you will witness a significant reduction in wrinkles, lack of fine lines on your face and a smoother, fresher looking skin with more volume.

The most important thing in a cosmetic procedure is making the right choice. Injectable fillers alone cannot help you. You need a good doctor for that, so contact us at Kole Plastic Surgery Center and get professional cosmetic procedures done with ease by an expert in filler procedures. Contact Dr. Edward S. Kole for your complimentary filler consultation by calling 215-315-7655 today.