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13 Tips When You’re Preparing for Laser Tattoo Removal

13 Tips When You're Preparing for Laser Tattoo Removal

The laser tattoo removal industry can be a surprise to many people, given that it began recently. However, the industry has, in recent years, experienced a significant evolution in technology. Cutting edge technologies in the laser tattoo removal industry in Philadelphia are changing the world. If you are looking for expert laser tattoo removal in Bucks County, PA or elsewhere in Philadelphia, Kole Plastic Surgery would love to work with you. Here are a few things to expect during laser tattoo removal and tips to prepare the mind and body for the procedure.

1. Know that the Size, Ink, and Location of the Tattoo Matters

The location of a tattoo affects the healing ability and vascular supply. That means a tattoo situated further from the heart can take longer to heal than the one closer to the heart. The flow of blood speed up the recovery and healing process. The vascular supply for a tattoo located further from the heart can diminish, slowing the healing process. Ankle tattoos, for example, are tough to remove, given that they are far away from the heart.

2. Managing Expectations

Most laser tattoo surgeries in Philadelphia have turned out successful. However, some circumstances can change that and can make it impossible to remove a tattoo. Your tattoo could fade to a less visible image, but it will still be seen on your skin. Be sure to discuss the procedure with a tattoo removal expert in Philadelphia before committing even to the most advanced tattoo removal surgeries.

3. Note that All Tattoos are Removable

Darker ink colors, including red, blue, and green tattoos, were challenging to remove. The earlier tattoo removal procedures lacked the right speed and energy wavelength to remove an image on the skin. However, that is no longer a concern with laser tattoo removal technologies. The length of removing a tattoo with laser tattoo removal procedures has even shortened significantly.

4. Professional Tattoos are Easier to Remove

Removing a tattoo done by a scratcher or amateur has always been a challenge. But for professional tattoos, ink is evenly distributed, making it easier and quicker to remove a tattoo.

5. Cost

While plastic surgeons make every effort to keep the cost of laser tattoo removal as low as possible, it can sometimes cost more than the tattoo did. Tattoo removal cost depends on the number of treatments, location, and size of the image.

6. Prepare for Multiple Treatments

Changes may be seen after the first session, but the treatment plan can span months on even years. More than five treatments may be necessary depending on the challenges that the tattoo presents and its location.

7. Cut Back or Quit Smoking

Experts recommend quitting or cutting back smoking when undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment.

8. Take Tylenol

Laser tattoo removal professionals recommend taking Tylenol before the session to try to alleviate discomfort.

9. Stay Out of the Sun

The laser tattoo removal procedure can take several months to complete. Experts recommend covering the area with sunscreen if you must bask in the sun.

10. Hydrate and Eat a Balanced Diet

Attending a laser tattoo removal session dehydrated or empty stomach can lead to vertigo or light-headedness. After all, the procedure brings some discomfort.

11. Wear Loose Clothes

Your clothes should be loose so that they do not contact the bruised surface.

12. Consider Cold Compresses and Anesthetic Creams

One way to make a laser tattoo removal procedure tolerable is to apply anesthetic creams and cold compresses.

13. Avoid Cosmetics

The skin surface to be treated should be unadorned, shaven, clean, and free from cosmetics.

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