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Centrally located in Southampton, PA and serving Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties, The Kole Plastic Surgery Center performs rhinoplasty for patients desiring plastic surgery.

Bucks County, PA Bucks County PA Nose Jobs: Is Rhinoplasty for You?

The nose is the most central and the most prominent part of the face. More than any other anatomical feature, the nose contributes to facial balance and facial harmony. If the nose is even slightly out of proportion—relative to the rest of the face and other major features—then one’s self-image and confidence can suffer dramatically. A newly reshaped nose has the potential to alter your facial appearance dramatically.

Nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of his or her nose. Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of one’s face, a slight alteration significantly improves one’s appearance as well as self-confidence.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common facial cosmetic surgery procedures requested in America. Most surgeons agree rhinoplasty is a surgical art form and without a doubt one of the most complex operations in plastic surgery. Since no two noses are the same, it is of extreme importance that a surgeon have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of nasal surgery. Only this can ensure that the rhinoplasty performed is designed to suit the specific needs of each patient individually.

The specific features addressed in cosmetic surgery of the nose include the following:

  • The nose’s width and profile
  • Tip shape: narrow, “pinched,” bulbous, hooked, upturned, or too wide
  • Flared, hanging, or arched nostrils
  • Side-to-side nasal asymmetry

In addition, functional or remediative nasal surgery may be needed when there are functional problems, including the following:

  • Difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum
  • Repair of the nose from previous trauma or injury
  • Enlarged turbinates associated with allergies
  • Collapse of the internal nasal valve structures with problems breathing

These problems can be corrected simultaneously with a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

Problems in the facial structure that unbalance facial harmony include a small chin and lower jaw, weak cheeks, or mid-facial bone structure that contributes to unbalanced nasal facial proportions. In these cases, surgery of the nose may be combined with the placement of facial implants to impart symmetry to the face.

Rhinoplasty FAQs

We perform Rhinoplasty for patients in the greater Philadelphia, Bucks County PA, & Montgomery County PA areas, including:

  • Doylestown, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Huntingdon Valley, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Abington, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Warminster, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Levittown, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Southampton, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Richboro, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Hatboro, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Feasterville, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Willow Grove, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Horsham, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Warrington, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Bensalem, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Philadelphia, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Jamison, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Langhorne, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Newtown, PA Rhinoplasty
  • Yardley, PA Rhinoplasty

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Bumps, misalignment, chronic congestion, irregularities and other aesthetic concerns are reasons why men and women in Southampton, PA, Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas of Bucks County, PA, want to change their shape and size of their noses. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kole can help! Learn more about rhinoplasty and how it can help you feel more self-assured. Contact us today to schedule a personal consultation.

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