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Acne Scar Treatment

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Acne Scar Treatment in Bucks County PA

Centrally located in Southampton, PA and serving Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties, The Kole Plastic Surgery Center uses the PicoSure® laser for patients who desire acne scar treatment.

One unfortunate fact about acne is that it tends to leave behind scars. Fortunately, cutting-edge laser treatment is now available to make unwanted scars a thing of the past. Laser scar removal is a non-invasive method of scar treatment that works without the discomfort and downtime associated with conventional surgery.

Our PicoSure® acne scar treatment is known for its ability to dramatically improve acne scars. You can now have beautiful skin that is scar free. Extra clothing, makeup, or additional daily expenses will no longer be required.

Our patients are experiencing significant, visible results after only one PicoSure® treatment. They come away from the process quite pleased and with renewed self-confidence. Our female patients are pleased that they can now use bronzer without the appearance of deep lines on their face. Others find that they are using a fraction of the foundation they did before, and others are posting pictures of themselves without makeup.

One unique aspect of PicoSure® is the lack of downtime. You may resume your normal activities after your treatment. You may even resume work hours later.


PicoSure® Benefits

  • Treatment is gentle. No numbing agents or sedation is needed.
  • Little preparation. The night prior to treatment, you will use an exfoliating scrub.
  • Fast appointment. Your treatment will last about 30 minutes.
  • No downtime.

What To Expect

Treating visible scars is far easier than most people imagine. Laser scar removal will improve both surgery-related scars and scars caused by acne.

Laser scar removal minimizes the appearance of scars without damaging the surrounding skin. Only a few quick and easy treatments are required to minimize scars, resulting in smoother, healthier-looking skin.

How Does Laser Scar Removal Work?

PicoSure® utilizes a cutting-edge picosecond laser that safely and effectively treats acne scars. The powerful energy of this laser boosts the immune system so that it replaces scar tissue with new skin cells. As new tissue forms, acne scars fade away naturally without any harm to the surrounding skin. PicoSure® is safe for all skin types.

The PicoSure® Acne Scar Removal Process

Multiple sessions may be required for the best results, depending upon the skin type of the patient. The treatment is not considered painful, but any discomfort can be minimized by using a cooling cream. Laser scar treatment has few side effects that may include some redness and swelling. You will be able to resume your normal activities immediately after your procedure.

Acne Scar Treatment FAQs

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Acne is difficult enough without having to deal with the scars that blemishes leave behind, but few at-home treatments are available to help with acne scars. As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Kole offers advanced treatments for acne scars that help men and women in Southampton, PA, Philadelphia County, Bucks County, Montgomery County and surrounding areas of Bucks County, PA, with this challenging aesthetic issue. To learn more about treatments for acne scars, contact us today to schedule a personal consultation.

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