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Long thick eyelashes are considered as a sign of beauty among women. But if your parents didn’t bestow you with this seductive feature, then instead of asking it from nature in your Sunday morning prayers, you should rather focus on the options that medical science has for you.. Whether you want full, kissable lips, or want to get rid of wrinkles from your neck and face, or want eyelashes that will make your boyfriend or husband think about your beautiful eyes all day long; medical science is there to satisfy your demands. Latisse® is a solution that is applied on the eyelashes to make your eyelashes thicker, darker and longer. Here are four important things that you should consider when applying Latisse® on your eyelashes.

It’s Not a Cosmetics Product
You may secretly apply your moms lipstick before leaving for a party when you were younger, but applying Latisse® to your eyelashes should not be taken lightly. It is a drug approved by the FDA that should only be used by the people of age 21 or above after the prescription of a doctor.
You May Have to Make a Trade-off
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So says physics. Although the reaction of Latisse® won’t be equal and opposite, but it surely needs to be taken into account before you make the big decision of purchasing Latisse® (after seeking your doctor’s approval) and applying it to your eyelashes. The base of the eyelid from where your eyelashes sprout may turn dark in color if you start using Latisse® incorrectly on a daily basis. Though it is not a big deal, but proper care and caution should always be exercised when applying Latisse®.
Check Your Financials
How come the word ‘financials’ made its way in this article? Well, by financials we mean your budget. If you are living hand to mouth, then purchasing Latisse® just to appear attractive may not be a prudent investment. A Latisse® kit will cost you around 120 dollars and the kit will last for approximately three months. You will start noticing a difference in your eyelashes after about 16 weeks.
You May Witness ‘The Lucy Effect’
You can witness your eye color changing gradually by regular use of Latisse® especially if you use it as an eye drop instead of using the supplied applicator brushes. If you apply Latisse® on your eyelashes and do not wipe away any excess solution that you have mistakenly applied to the surrounding areas of your eyes then it can cause inflammation of the cornea and can turn your light colored eyes brown.

If you want to know whether the use of Latisse® is right for you, read more about Latisse® here, then you can contact The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center, which is committed to provide patients with exceptional patient care and surgical expertise. For more information, visit The Kole Plastic Surgery Center Center’s website or call 215-315-7655 .