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A New Study Gives Pennsylvania an “F” for an Obese Future

A new study by Trust for America’s Health reveals that by 2030, 56.7% of Pennsylvania’s occupants will be obese, which is defined by professionals as being 30 or more pounds overweight. This frightening statistic is more than double the obesity rates found in a 2011 survey.

Complications of obesity are abundant and include preventable diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, stroke, and arthritis. A small reduction in weight can dramatically reduce the likelihood of these health consequences that require an active attention to one’s health. Just a 5% reduction in a person’s body mass index can make a significant difference.

This study, aptly named “F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future 2012,” not only outlines the future of obesity for every state in the country, but also estimates the effect reducing obesity would have on healthcare costs. The professionals theorize that every state would benefit from implementation of health programs to lower BMIs (body mass index), with the highest estimated savings topping $81 billion.

Various industries have already started preparing for this seemingly inevitable fat future by changing their facilities to accommodate overweight Americans. Airlines have created reinforced, higher-weight-bearing seats; theaters have widened their chairs; and hospitals have implemented examination tables without barriers that are capable of supporting a 600-pound person.

So what does this mean for Pennsylvania? It means we need to take a more proactive approach to the way we treat our bodies. It also means acknowledging an increasing demand to like what we see in the mirror. While Kole Plastic Surgery Center does not offer dramatic weight loss surgeries, they do provide professional consultation and encouragement to meet ideal candidacy for plastic surgery and liposuction.

Focusing and enhancing your favorite parts of your body can lead to a healthy and happy life. If you have lost weight and want the rest of your body to follow suit call our Southampton plastic surgery office today at 215-315-7655 , or visit our website to learn more about tummy tucks and other cosmetic procedures that can change the future you.

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