A few decades ago, people thought that breast implants were fairly safe until women started getting serious complications. Then, the FDA changed regulations as to who can get implants and what materials can be used. The facts about certain cosmetic procedures are changing constantly and not always straightforward. Here are eight secrets about plastic surgery that the surgeon may not tell you.

1. Brazilian Butt

The results of the Brazilian butt lift Philadelphia procedure fluctuate based on natural occurrences in the patient’s body. Fat resorption may occur naturally, and more fat may be added or lost due to weight loss.

2. Breast Implants

The healing process for a breast implants Philadelphia procedure is long term, not short term. You don’t get the surgery, suffer through the symptoms for a few months and then carry on as normal. Results vary, and some women have symptoms for a year or longer after surgery.

3. Rhinoplasty

Even with a great surgeon, a rhinoplasty Philadelphia procedure does not guarantee magical, overnight results. A lot of patients are quick to say that the procedure didn’t work and they need another. It could take months or years for the swelling to go down and reveal the new nose.

4. Tummy Tuck

Like any cosmetic procedure, no results are perfect. A tummy tuck Philadelphia procedure leaves scars in various locations based on where the doctor cut. The scar may extend from hip to hip, extend around the bellybutton or remain hidden in the pelvic area.

5. Male Breast Reduction

Enlarged male breast tissue, known as gynecomastia, may have underlying medical causes like hypogonadism, hyperthyroidism and kidney failure. Plastic surgeons will not treat the cause – they only treat the unsightly symptoms. It’s more important to root out of the cause of the condition first before considering a male breast reduction procedure.

6. Lip Augmentation

It’s easier to create unnatural looks with lip augmentation procedures than other types of cosmetic surgeries. Lips that are too big could result in the “duck look.” Patients should go for lips that are not too big and conform to the natural shape of the mouth.

7. Botox

Although not really a secret, it’s true that Botox is not permanent. Some results last only two to four months, and other results last up to six months. But results that last longer than a year are rare, so getting reapplications of Botox is necessary.

8. Coolsculpting

There are many conditions that interfere with the effectiveness of a coolsculpting Philadelphia procedure. These include weakened immune systems, inflamed skin conditions, poor blood circulation and chronic pain conditions. Patients should review the long list of risks and side effects to see if they’re even qualified for the procedure.

Those were only a handful of secrets that plastic surgeons are not telling. Find out more, and contact the best plastic surgeon in the Bucks County area when you’re ready to get started.