A double chin is relatively easy to remove with surgery alone. But liposuction is not the only fat removal procedure out there. There are alternative options that are less invasive, less painful and affordable to more patients. Learn more about the benefits of CoolSculpting to remove unwanted fat.

Natural Weight Loss?

The most obvious solution is to lose weight naturally. Then, you’ll lose weight all over your body, including your chin, neck, stomach and back. This is the most difficult method of losing weight that is not always effective at removing stubborn body fat. You can lose 100 pounds mostly in your thighs, stomach and back, but have it remain firmly attached to other parts of the body. When this problem occurs, there needs to be another solution.


Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved fat removal procedure that is designed primarily to get rid of stubborn body fat. It is a noninvasive treatment that involves minimal incisions with no needles or scalpels and no use of anesthesia or chemicals.

It works by cooling fat cells to the point where they die and slough off. Special precautions are made because cooling the body excessively could lead to frostbite or hypothermia. The temperature is set below freezing, and the average length of cooling time is 30 to 45 minutes. Apoptosis, or cell death, occurs when the fat cells are exposed to freezing temperatures and then exposed to a normal temperature environment. Over the next few months, the body gradually reduces its collection of fat deposits.

Facelift / Neck Lift

A facelift or neck lift is generally not designed to remove fat. It’s the procedure that you go through when you have loose skin with poor elasticity of your face and neck especially after significant weight loss. The loose, saggy skin is tightened across the face and neck, which leaves no evidence that any excessive weight was there. A facelift is usually not required after undergoing Coolsculpting because the fat loss is relative slow over several months and the skin can maximally contract.

Besides the nose and eyes, the double chin is one of the first things that anyone notices on a person’s face. Not every method works on every body to get rid of this nuisance. Liposuction is effective but is surgically invasive with potential side effects. Coolsculpting is the noninvasive answer to removing fat without damaging the body or increasing the risk of damage. Kole Plastic Surgery is the source that you should contact to receive more information on body sculpting and neck lift procedures near you in the Bucks County, Montgomery County and areas around Philadelphia.