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Can I Downsize My Breast Implants? Yes, but You Should Know a Few Things First

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You may have initially been happy with a breast augmentation you had, but now you find that they are bigger than you desire. The good news is that downsizing your implants is definitely an option. Going through breast implant replacement is different for every patient especially since everyone will have their own goals for what they want from the procedure. It will be helpful for you to keep the following suggestions in mind as you explore your options for breast implant revision surgery.

A Whole New World of Implant Options

If it has been a while since you had your breast augmentation, you may find that there are quite a few more implant options available today. Over the past decade, the variety of shapes, sizes and filling materials has evolved significantly. This enables you and your surgeon to tailor your new look with more precision. It will also make your implant replacement an opportunity to improve your look with enhanced shape and feel.

It’s important for you to be completely open and honest with your surgeon about what you’d like to achieve from your breast revision surgery. You may even want to have examples of breast sizes and shapes ready to show your surgeon to give them an idea of what you are looking to achieve from the procedure.

Your Plastic Surgeon May Also Recommend a Breast Lift

Sometimes, when getting a particular plastic surgery, your surgeon may recommend a related procedure. For example, people who have liposuction done to their abdominal area to remove fat frequently also get a tummy tuck in order to tighten the skin around the area.

In the case of breast revision surgery, reducing the size of the implant also reduces breast volume, so a breast lift may be recommended. The size reduction may also now make your nipple and areola look out of proportion to the rest of the breast. Also, the larger the downsizing you desire, the higher the probability that you will need a breast lift. There can be extra scarring from this procedure, but you’ll definitely appreciate the reduction of age-related sagging as the lift restores a more youthful appearance to your breasts.

The Cost of This Surgery Varies

Typically, the surgery to replace your breast implants is fairly straightforward. If there are no complications, you’ll enjoy the benefit of no additional scar tissue since your surgeon should be able to reuse the same incision points from your breast augmentation.

As with any medical procedure, however, there can be complications. Some patients may have experienced capsular contracture, which is tightening of the scar tissue around one or both of the original implants. This can have symptoms as mild as the breasts feeling too firm in places, or the condition can cause pain, or in some cases, it can distort the position of the implant and, therefore, the appearance of your breast. Other possible issues that your surgeon may have to address during a breast revision surgery include symmastia, sagging or asymmetry. Your surgeon might also have to reshape the breast tissue or remove scar tissue around the implant.

Any of these complications will require more time for the surgeon to correct and will necessarily make your particular procedure more expensive. That said, don’t try to go the cheap route when it comes to your safety and getting such an important procedure done right. If you don’t have the money up front to cover any complications you have, most plastic surgeons have financing options, so you can set up monthly payments that you’re able to handle.

Consider Being Patient if Your Augmentation Wasn’t Long Ago

When you get a breast augmentation, you are changing the feeling and appearance of a major part of your body. This can take some time to get used to. It can be a longer adjustment for some.

There’s a fine line between taking time to adapt to the changes made to your body versus settling for results that you’re not happy about. You definitely don’t want to do the latter, but to make sure it’s not the former that you’re still going through, it’s recommended that you wait up to a year before deciding that a breast revision surgery is definitely something you want to do.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

This is an example of saving the most important point for last. The quality of the plastic surgeon you choose in terms of their education and experience will have a larger impact than any other factor on the quality of the final result of your procedure. This is especially true in the case of secondary procedures such as this where one surgeon is changing the previous work of another. This is doubly true if the original procedure was not done right the first time around.

If you live in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania area near Philadelphia, you are fortunate to be a short drive away from the Kole Plastic Surgery Center. This practice has been open since 2005, and Dr. Edward S. Kole performs all the procedures there. He is board-certified in both general surgery as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery. He offers an extensive array of plastic surgery and laser treatment procedures at his practice.

With his experience, Dr. Kole will analyze your specific situation by taking into account your individual anatomy, the size and age of your original implants and your goals for the change you’re seeking. He has the judgment you’ll need in a skilled plastic surgeon to ensure that the downsizing of your breast implants meets or exceeds your expectations. This is your body, and you don’t want to trust your health and safety to just anyone. If you’re in the Bucks County area, please contact the Kole Plastic Surgery Center today for your consultation.

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